Help Bulking On The AD

ok so i just want to make sure i have all this right before i start messing around with nutrition.

ok first, ive been on the AD for about a little over a month which should mean im all set to bulk if i want to?

second, from what i understand the formula is you eat til 15% above your ideal weight, so @165 now shooting for 175 so my math is a little rust but i believe that 15% is about 25 pounds which would put my target weight at 200 lbs…not sure how the hell im supposed to do that with my metabolism though but who knows.

ok now the next thing is im supposed to eat 20-25 calories for every pound, now is that every pound for my ideal weight (175) or is that every pound for my 15% above weight (200)?

this isnt mentioned in the book, but if we already have a hard time gaining weight should we go abouve the set 20-25/lb ratio…or are there other strategies?

My interpreation is that the goal weight number is there simply because the text is directed towards bodybuilders who intend to build up to an off season mass and then strip the fat off for competition to reveal their newfound muscle.

Since most people don’t like this option, start with whatever calories you are at now and slowly add some and weigh yourself every two weeks maybe. If the scale went up a few lbs and you don’t think it was much fat stay with that. If you added too much fat subtract a few calories, if the scale didn’t move add some more.

Repeat this process every two weeks until you are Ronnie Coleman… ok until you are satisfied with your size.

If you’re looking to add mass, do like Scottiscool said. Take what you’re add now and add more calories.

Don’t stop adding calories til you start adding too much fat.

And since you’re on the AD I’d highly recommend hitting MASSIVE calories on the carb ups, it’ll help.

Ghost is right…its all about stimulating the anabolic response from the carbs ups. Eat BIG!!!

how many calories is “big” to you guys? the only thing about the carb ups is that i feel if i eat too much i get really bad indigestion and feel very lethargic.

i will try adding more and more calories and see how that progresses, i just tried out cutting and was at around 2,300-2,500 cals a day(maintence is 3,000) for about a month and these last few days i havent been monitering my cals so while i havent been pigging out ive eaten fairly more than lately, but its like i look BETTER even in terms of leaness which is really weird but then again so arent most things about this diet when compared to all the others lol. so yeah im kinda bored of cutting, deciding to go up in weight, then ill obviously cut again, and also im feeling like my body is just telling me i need to eat more.

When I was on the AD(still eat very similar) A LOT of calories on the carbup was 8000+, during the week I was eating round 4500-5000 and then when the weekend came I tried to at least the first day gourge myself with carbs.

Try not to be so caught up in bulk cut bulk cut all the time, stick with gaining size(without getting too fat) for a long period of time and when you’ve got all the muscle you want then very slowly dial it back.

If eventually you want to be 220 and lean(just making up numbers here) bulking and cutting over and over can make that take forver if you even get there. Take a few years to gain all the size and you’ll be happy you didn’t keep flip flopping.

well right now i just want to put on 5-10 pounds of muscle i dont think itll take too long to get there and then cut down so that im at 5% BF and maintaining. i mean its too soon to make descisions based on what ill do once there but it should be fun getting to eat more freely and having lots more energy to spare until i get there.

im also not saying im gonna bulk,cut,repeat forever, but i suppose first things first: get myself to 180-185 with as little fat as possible.