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Help, Bulk or Cut?


Hey guys, I am new to the whole workout world. I am 5"7' and i weight 245 lbs. I want to loss weight but I also want to look cut and not just slender afterwards. A friend of mine tells me that I should just start weight training and my body will cut the fat naturally.

So what do I do? Go on a diet or just weight train, what? My goal is to basically get in shape but look great for the ladies, if you know what i mean. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance


What is your waist measurement?

You may make a dent in your appearance with weights alone, because people who have never lifted enjoy a honeymoon of sorts in the gym -- bad form and rep schemes don't matter at first because the body is so starved for activity, it simply responds.

But you can only cheat the hangman for so long. Sooner or latter, you'll have to look at your diet. Why not sooner? Why invest your sweat and time at the gym and not maximize the effort?

The debate over simultaneous fat loss and muscle gain continues. But it is emphatically possible to do both for someone in your position. Your post includes the desire to be cut and appeal more to women. Unless you're a genetic freak, those things won't come without diet.

I hope you accept the entire challenge of fitness. At the very least, if you start reading T-Nation articles on diet, you may discover just how off the mark your eating has been.


You should cut. Here's a link to a great article as to why:



You will not lose much weight unless you eat fewer calories, and eat better food, no matter how much you exercise.

You will not look good unless you exercise and lift, even if you are skinny.

Weight loss is 80 percent what you eat, 20 percent exercise.


Read this:


and everything else regarding nutrition by Drs. Berardi and Lowrey, and Mr. Barr.

Good luck.