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Help Building My First Cycle


I have a couple questions. First off, do I need to do any PCT after taking Long R3 IGF-1? Also, is there a recommended duration for taking Long R3 IGF-1? I am also thinking of stacking the IFG-1 with Clenbuterol( Liquid) and Fareston. I was just wondering some of ya'lls thoughts. Any comments appreciated..


You do not need any PCT for IGF-1, only adequate time off. I ran it for 5 weeks but only noticed positive gains during the first three weeks. Most people I talk to agree that 3 weeks is an optimal length of a cycle. As far as stacking it, AAS go very well with IGF but clen and fareston I'm not sure. I haven't heard of anyone running those together.


Thanks 2thepain, I have never heard of anyone running it together either, thats why I figured I'd ask first. So would you recommend a 3 week cycle of IGF-1? As far as dosing, I was looking at 30mcg/day, split into 2 15 mcg. Taking approx. 8 hours apart as too keep my blood levels evener( don't know if this is a word). I'm going to some muscle gain, but primarily fat loss and cutting. Bulking is not that important to me right now. I'm 6'1" 180lbs and about 20% BF.