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Help Building First Cycle

Age 41, 5-10, 220lbs. 25 yrs of hard natural training (a few powerlifting and bb competitions in my 30’s). Looking to add more size but after spending a few dozen hours at the T-Nation university I’ve decided my biggest concern is long term hpta suppression effects. So I’ve decided to keep cycle short (8 weeks). Looking to get benefits as early in the cycle as possible and to get clear as quickly as possible at the end to allow quick pct.

With that said I’m looking to do NPP with Test. Should I use Prop (or even Suspension if available) to start and end the cycle and use Cypionate through the middle of the cycle? Or should I just go with prop, or cyp for the entire length?

If your main concern is suppression stay away from any nandrolone substance i.e. NPP. Just my 2cc.

also don’t use suspension, it is very harsh and will supress you very rapidly. But the test prop for the last 2 weeks wouldn’t be bad, that way when youdo your last injection wait two days and start pct. PM me if you have any more questions

I assumed that when you are on gear your are virtually entirely suppressed regardless of what type you are on. I thought the big difference was how long after you are off before suppression is gone and normal hpta is achieved. Why would Suspension be MORE suppressive than other types of test. I know it would suppress you a few days quicker since it releases extremely fast, but why would the supression be more extreme with Suspension than the other types of test? Also, re the suppresive effects of Nandrolones I was under the impression that Deca was considered highly suppressive since it takes so long to clear once you are off. Why would even a short acting ester like NPP be more suppressive than other drugs?