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Help Building a Strength Base

Hi guys. Im 24 years old, i’ve been at the gym for about one year. I beleive I’ve spent alot of time WASTING time there. I never really had any goals, until now. This is what I want to accomplish during the summer

core strength/abs

explosive leg/torso strength

I am training for freestyle skiing, gymnast type skills, I want to be able to do vertical pushups, pullups, etc. As of now my weak points are :

glutes, calves, triceps, chest, forearms, and quads.

I’ve created some scar tissue/adhesion on my left lower trapezius area, so any overhead exercises cause a huge amount of inflammation in that area. I also have a mobilty issue in my left ankle, and last year had a torn a/c joint in the right shoulder, so my sub-scap gets very tight often, making overhead work next to impossible without pain later or the next day.

now I understand I’m asking alot here and i’m even willing to pay someone to design a loosely structured training regimen for me, or even if someone can identify exercises they feel I should be doing, I would immensely appreciate it. I’m glad I found this forum sooner rather the later before I really wrecked myself.

thanks guys…


You forgot shoulders, hamstrings, lats, upper back and neck for weak points.

post itall!!! fuck!!! im sorry im very upset

shit…delete that and COMPLETELY forget that…fuck man i aplogize…heavy sqauts will fic u up good

Get yourself sorted (A.R.T physical therapy) then SEARCH! SEARCH! SEARCH!
Do some work for f*cks sake.

I have seen an ART practioner, I did notice some benefit but the problems resumes shortly after. this doctor I saw did not seem interested in addressing any imbalances i may have which have created this problem in the first place.