Help Building a Program

Hello guys.After weeks of training by myself and reading books trying to learn more, I have decided that I may be going the wrong way. I am runner in college and I would like to better prepare myself for my up and coming season.

I am trying to develope a program sport specific where I can develope power and explosiveness,while maintaining or losing weight(whatever happens first. If anyone would like to assist me please pm me and or email me.

I would like to post a training journal on here so that I can keep record,and a little support from the board.This way,I can learn the correct way. I appreciate it.

what kind of runner


Maybe the reason no one has jumped in yet is because there have been quite a few of these types of posts about training for runners lately.

The general consensus seems to be that there are very few people on this sight who can answer your question, because most arent runners.
If you find some of those other posts, you could pm some of the more knowledgable posters and probably get your help that way.

I would start off with building a base. Do alot of bodyweight work, and after a month of that add in some tempo runs at a track. Go to, don’t ask track questions here, there are more trackies there.