Help Bro. Gain

my bro is about 125 and he wants to meet me at about a lean 200 by summer 06 iz this possible if so he would love the help we r both 15 and both about 5’11 any help would be appreciated

Spend a few hours/days, whatever time it takes, to read through the pages recomended.

I think most, if not all, of your questions will be answered.

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I’m guessing he doesn’t have access to weights either? (Judging from your other post, about yourself) That’ll make it a little more difficult. Bodyweight exercises are fine up to a point. But once you can do more than 10 reps or so, it’s not challenging enough to stimulate muscle growth.

If there’s no chance of scoring a cheap, local gym membership (which might not help anyway, since most places require you to be 16 or 17…doesn’t that just figure), I’d say look into getting whatever equipment you can, on your own. Pool your money together and try to find a cheap Olympic weight set (should be about $150, for 300 pounds of total weight and 1 barbell).

That’s the first step, and really all you need for a barebones, hardcore, starter’s routine. If that’s not an option, he can find resistance tubing for 5 or 10 bucks, and that’ll let him do all sorts of basic movements.

Just as important as training, though, will be his eating. He wants to focus on standard issue “clean” eating: Whole grains breads, all kinds of veggies (yes, vegetables…tough it out), all kinds of fruits, chicken, turkey, red meat (roast beef sandwiches…yay!!), whole eggs, whole milk, peanut butter, things like that.

If he doesn’t eat at least 4 meals a day, give him a dead leg. That should motivate him to eat. (Okay, I was kidding about the dead leg. Bros shouldn’t fight…this coming from a guy who had his collarbone broken by his older sister, okay.) :wink:

is there any diets recommended for weight gain and is there any exercises to make sure it’s all muscle

With summer 2006 less than a year away, I’d say that your brother’s goal is a bit overly optimistic. Gaining 75 pounds of muscle in a year comes out to over 6 pounds a month… while not impossible, especially for a beginner, those gains are unlikely to be sustainable for a whole year, especially for a natural (ie, no steroids) trainer.

Wat do u suggest pookie? i mean he at least wants to be 180

Okay, you have to do some work. Did you follow the link given above and spend fifteen to twenty minutes reading? Honestly, if you won’t do that, I don’t think you’ll get a lot of help.

Once you’ve done that, the nature of your questions should start to change, showing that you are putting in decent amounts of effort…

Then, we’ll be very happy to try to help the best we can!

Setting 180 or 200 as a long term goal is fine. I’d suggest setting a few shorter term goals so that he doesn’t get discouraged if it appears that he won’t make 200 (or even 180) for next year.

Examples of shorter term goals to help keep motivation:

  • Train diligently for 6 weeks.
  • Start and keep a food log.
  • Bench 225. (Or whatever appears “hard but attainable soon” now…)
  • Squat double bodyweight.
  • Deadlift 2xBW.
  • Reach 150, 160, 175…

Also, if he’s never trained before, he’s got to learn a lot. Exercises, diet, lifestyle, etc. Depending on how “clean” he eats he might have to replace some bad habits by better ones.

If you absolutely must make 180 or 200 for next year, I’d suggest hiring a personal coach to follow you throughout the year. Of course, that option is an expensive one.

This is great. Two fifteen year old brothers, same height, separated by 173 pounds. Holy cow.

Everybody keeps giving you guys links to articles that will help. We cannot lose your fat for you, or gain the muscle for your brother. You guys have to do the research and the work. Now do it.

I’d say 155 is a more realistic goal.

At your age this is virtually impossible, especially with diet. You will probably put on 20 just growing.

Your brother is going to have to eat an ungodly amount of food. His metabolism at his age will probably dispose of a ton of it without turning much of it into muscle anyway, so he’s going to have to eat a staggering amount.

He’ll probably have to do plenty of supplementation of that with protein shakes, because otherwise he just won’t get the calories he needs.

The links provided will help out a lot. A concentration on the basics and on stuffing the living hell out of himself will help a lot.

Still, I hope setting a goal of increasing his weight by well over half in less than a year doesn’t wind up discouraging him. He could make fantastic, even astounding gains, and still wind up being disappointed, by setting goals that high.

Someething like, Work up to 200 lbs. while staying healthy might be better than, Get to 200 lbs. by the date of X regardless of what it does to me.

thanks for the links they helped alot. when he eats an “ungodly amount” what must it consist of i mean i kno he needs plenty of protein but someone told him that to much protein is unhealthy. is this true and if so wat can he do to get the same results as protein

[quote]JuiceFromCOMPTON wrote:
thanks for the links they helped alot. when he eats an “ungodly amount” what must it consist of i mean i kno he needs plenty of protein but someone told him that to much protein is unhealthy. is this true and if so wat can he do to get the same results as protein[/quote]

Carbohydrates. Search for the Massive Eating articles. They provide more detail.