Help Breaking Through My Body Fat Sticking Point

Hi all,

I need some help breaking through my current sticking point of around 12% bf. I have been training for 11 years so I am not new to this but I cant seem to break this plateau. I have always focussed on maximal size and strength (for me) but have decided to see how lean i can get. here is a sample of my current diet:

Meal 1:
1/2 cups oats
1/4 cup blueberries
2 scoops whey (22g protein each)

Meal 2:
6 oz chicken
1/2 cup organic carrots
18 almonds

Meal 3:
6 oz chicken
1/2 cup organic carrots
18 almonds

Meal 4:
4 eggs (2 yolks from cage free chickens and 2 whites)
pinch of mozarella fat-free cheese
2 turkey sausage links
1/2 cup pineapple

Meal 5:
2 scoops casein powder (24g protein per scoop)
14 cashews

Current supplements::
Flameout 4 caps
Creatine 5-10 g
4 scoops Xtend BCAAs
4000 IU Vitamin D

The only changes I make is on training days I have a serving of Surge after my workouts and add 1/2 cup brown rice into meal 3 and reduce the almonds. My current stats are 6’ 181 (in the morning). I train 3x per week following Waterbury’s V-Diet program and do cardio on the other days rotated between steady state and HIIT.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions of ask questions if I forgot something. Thanks in advance.

cut the pineapple at meal 4 and exchange it for a green vegetable.
Why not try for more green veg rather than sticking to carrots? Arnold told ya?

ha ha. I honestly have a hard time stomaching green vegetables. Its weird because I like every type of fruit but only very few veggies. I wish this was the opposite though for physique considerations.

I can suffer through spinach so maybe i will mix that with the eggs in an omelette. I also like asparagus so i could eat that at dinner. I used to shy away from carrots until I read Berardi’s comments on them in his Precision Nutrition manual.

and you eat this every day? ,if so perhaps your body has developed a tolerance to some of this food.

Go green bro, chuck in some salmon may be even a nice steak every now and then , i dont know just sounds as if the wall youve hit is due to an elongated period of ingesting the same shit, may be merely speculation.

Good luck

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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Slightly out of left field, but I suggest you try 300mg ED of co-enzyme Q10. You should see results within a few days, progressing as you continue the Q10, for a period upto about 3 months.

I think you will be pleased at the increased daily energy and body-recomposition changes.

It has worked for me both times I have tried the protocol.

Sure, you will no doubt get some good nutrition advice on this thread, but I wanted to offer something ‘outside the box’.

All the best,

Thanks BBB,

could you please elaborate on the CoQ10 recommendation? Split it up or all 300mg at once? what is the science behind this. I am usually pretty astute on a lot of these types of things but I have not seen or heard any interesting data on CoQ10 in some time. I am sure I am missing something.

How many calories are you eating total? perhaphs they could be taken a little lower without lowering protein intake. This workes very well for me when i hit a fat loss plateu. You could laso add a few more minutes to every cardio session instead of cutting calories. either one would help break your plateu

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Thanks BBB,

Here is what he posted for everyone else:

Well the Q10 is an antioxidant, but more importantly in this case, it ‘rejuvenates’ mitochindrial function. As you ar probably aware, mitochondria are the ‘energy furnace’ within every cell in the body.

Over time, damage to their structure impedes optimal function. The high dose, long duration nature of the Q10 protocol is thought to completely reverse any degeneration in the mitochondria. Which is nice, lol.

Tried it as I say (I split the dose into 2 lots of 200mg ED) and loved it TBH. It’s the cheapest effective ‘rejuvenation’ treatment I have yet experienced.

Train harder and add a thermogenic. Up the fish oil if you like.

Shouldn’t be too hard.