Help! Bench Press

I currently work in a gym facility and want to add a weighted chain onto my bench press. I want so that when I bring the weight down the weighted chain is on the floor but when I push the weight up the chain extends off the floor. Does anyone know how I can make this, and/or if I am doing it wrong please elaborate on how to make this device or how to do it correctly? And if you have any other strengh excercises please let me know
Thank You South

wrap the chain around the bar… or connect the chain using a rope (some thin strong rope from home depot or something), you’ll have to tailor it to your arm/bench length etc if you want it to be exact.

sounds like you could use weight releasers. They sell them and they sell chains at elitefts.

they sell the whole set up for you right here bro-


buy a couple feet of chain from your local hardware store, then just tie one end to the bar using a clove hitch…don’t forget to do the same on both sides

you may also want to PM creed he bouth some chains at his local hardware store so he may have some experience in what you are looking to do also

You need support chains 1/4" (6mm)diameter. From these you hang your loading chain probably 5/8" diameter.
Work out the length of loading chain you need for the load required and add four links length that will always be in contact with the floor, to stop the chain swinging around. Clip the loading chain at the halfway point onto the support chain.

The weight of most 1/4" chain is so small as to not worry about. I used 16mm (5/8")chain for the loading chain which worked out a 5kg/metre or 3 1/3lb/foot. So if you need 10lb per side that will be 3 feet of 5/8" chain per side. Then find half-way and add four links per half to the 3 feet so probably about 4 feet of chain per side. Now use the support chain to hang the load chain so you have the full 3 feet at the top of the movement and no chain at the bottom. This all depends on your ROM and will obviously be greater for squat than bench.

Hope that makes sense, meandered a bit. If you want anymore info feel free to PM me.

Didn’t really answer your question!

Loop the support chain around the bar just inside the collars. Adjust the length so that at top of movement you have all load chain hanging from the support chain and no load chain hanging from support chain at bottom. The length of support chain is dependent on individual ROM.
The load chain is attached to the support chain by a carabiner, snap hook or chain repair link.

Creed, were you able to find 5/8 chain at a hardware store? I heard that they are hard to find and many have said that you’ll end up spending the same amount as if ordering from Elite. My problem is ordering from Canada is crazy expensive for shipping and duties and I believe you are overseas so it must be even worse for you. I want chains, but will probably end up costing me $250-300cdn if I order from Dave.

I made my own chains and they work well, but I should have just ordered them from elite because I ended up spending the same amount of money.

I was in the same boat. Ordering from elite would have cost twice the price for shipping of the product alone!

Couldn’t find anything that big at a hardware store so I searched on the internet for ‘industrial chain suppliers’ and ‘lifting equipment suppliers’ took me a while but it was worth it as i found a supplier who sold me 6m of 5/8" galvanised steel chain for 40GBP including shipping about $95 cdn. BTW you don’t need real lifting chain as that will be certified and very costly, same with security chain.

You can do an internet search for first (maybe 1st, I don’t remember) chain supply. They sell bulk indutrial chains and have a setup for weight lifting chains also you can buy.

There are some nice pictures and descriptions you can use to build your own set.