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Help before I wither away!

Yesterday I became very sick. When I first woke up I didn’t feel good. Throughout the day I never felt like eating. I managed to eat 4 meals. Last night I was really sick. Fever type thing. Hot, cold, aching everywhere. I threw up what I tried eat last night during the middle of the night. It’s now morning and I haven’t eaten since 4pm yesterday. Can someone tell me what foods might help with my sickness. I’m not sure I could consume a protein drink. The thing that sucks the most, I’m supposed to start a MAG-10 cycle tomorrow. Help me before I wither away.

Chicken noodle soup, popsicles, tea–till you get better. Lots of bed rest too.

The most important thing when sick is to try to keep your body from going too catabolic. First, i’d put off your MAG10 cycle for a week, so you don’t waste the cash.

If you have glutamine, take about 5g in the morning and 5g at night. I’d try to get some slow carbs in your body (oatmeal is ideal) and as much protein as you can handle. When I feel as you do, it cook up ground beef, drain the fat and add a tablespoon of spaghetti saucec and lots of chili powder for taste. Your body will destroy muscle if you don’t eat so you’ve got to do it. Most people can’t stomach fatty food when they are sick but indulge if you can. Its better to gain a pound of fat during the week than lose a pound of muscle. Also stay well hydrated.

My favorite food when sick is buffalo wings. I swear the hot sauce kills the germs.

Also, make sure to take your multivitamin.

Lots of fluids. Try sipping diluted Gatorade. Once you can eat, things easily digested like yogurt.

BRAT diet (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, weak Tea). Not very anabolic but you’ve got to keep something down. Your cortisol levels are going to be sky high and your energy needs are higher than normal (fever, immune system, etc.). DON’T EXERCISE til you get over it.

Update: Sunday was horrible. I hardly ate. I layed around the house all day and watched tv but I felt like crap. I took 2 three hour naps and got plenty of rest. When I did eat I had banana, apple sauce, tea, chicken noodle soup, and toasted whole wheat bread. Monday I felt okay but still didn’t eat as much due to not eating the last two days. Today I am 100% but can’t eat as much. I’m on my bulking phase and my stomach is throwing a fit now. All because of 2 silly days. Anyway, thanks for the tips guys.