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Help Balancing my Workout Plan

Hello everyone! Need some help please. I will try to make this simple.

Im 28 y/o male. 6.00 ft, 253 lbs, over weight. Roughly 25% Bf : ( sad face.

My goals are to lose weight, tighten and tone, bulk up but not interested in being huge, add some endurance, flexibility and get some use out of my new punching bag while being vegetarian and fast once per week.

I fast once per week either Mondays or Thursdays (personal reasons)

My question is, can I do full body workout 3 days per week, hit the punching bag 3 days per week for 15-20 min and do 15 min burpees after my workout while fasting once per week and not getting protein from meat?

Last website I asked this on they banned me for being a troll LMFAO I’m not a troll I promise. I was really sick for a long time and unable to exercise. Now I’m healthy and there is so much I would like to do but maybe I’m getting carried away? I’m a newb guys lol. Please help me out to get into shape and have a better quality life than what I was experiencing. Thanks


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I guess my real question is, how would that workout plan look? I was thinking of 15 min light stretch, 15 min punching bag, 4 sets 12 reps for back and chest, 3 sets 12 reps for shoulders, biceps, 4 sets sit up to failure for abbs and 15 minutes of burpees after workout. How should I workout my legs since burpees kill legs and glutes ? And I would not workout before a fasting day since I need the next day to rebuild that muscle with protein. As for diet, no gluten and a lot of beans?

How about a better question being, which goal is most important to you and what can you do to achieve it?


How much of this plan have you already started (if any)?

How much protein are you getting from vegetation?

How many calories are you getting on a daily or weekly basis?

Can you pick just one set day to fast? It’s probably a lot easier to have a weekly plan when you know exactly what day you are starving your body.

FYI Between the vegetarian and the fasting, you are not making it easy on yourself so don’t expect crazy progress.

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You’re way too fat to be doing burpees


The real question is are you ready to drop everything you know or think you know and adapt to a proper workout plan and diet?
Because if your not, chances are you’ll get chased off another forum very very quickly…

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That remains to be seen.

Basically this…

Why no gluten? Unless your truly been shown to be gluten sensitive which is apparently is only the case in maybe 1% of the population whats the point?

Is this a higher moral choice on your part( more power to you :+1:)
Or one based on health concerns based on allot of BS


Get on a lifting program, walk every day, control your calorie and macro intake, and (most importantly) stick with it over the long term. Oh, and actually answer all the questions you’ve gotten (and again more importantly) listen and apply the advice.

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Yeah totally fine, Waterbury template like this is good for full body…

As long as not vegan can make perfectly decent progress as veggie -get in plenty of whole eggs, fish(if allow yourself?) and a good quality protein drink like Metabolic Drive.

Leucine particularly beneficial for veg-heads also…

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Correct! My goal is to lose weight, tighten up the bod and build some muscle. Most importantly drop weight and tighten/ tone. I had a brain tumor which damaged my prolactin gland resulting in a hormone imbalance which made me gain weight and lose mass. Now i hold a lot of weight around my mid section so tightening and toning is my mail goal.

I haven’t started yet. Pretty much all my protein is coming from beans. I’d like to fast on Thursdays

I’ve cleared my mind and am open to all advice.

Why no gluten? Unless your truly been shown to be gluten sensitive which is apparently is only the case in maybe 1% of the population whats the point?

I get bloated easily from too much gluten and the vegetarian thing is a moral choice.

Awesome thank you.

OK, so focus on that. This may help

This isn’t really a thing. It’ll happen when you’re leaner and have more muscle.

See above. Diet is the determining factor.


Thanks dude!

So what’s your current diet look like
Try be as accurate as possible yeah
I’m talking exact meals of breakfast lunch dinner and anything in between and if you know the serving sizes then even better

Congrats on beating the Tumor, use that motivation to make your life healthier than what it is now.
As plenty have mentioned, diet is going to be your best friend or your biggest challenge but the positive changes you can implement to it will reap the biggest rewards for you.

Your goals are very conflicting, you should pick one, and then within that goal pick a specific goal within that category.
For example if you want to lose fat, you should aim to lose 20 pounds by January next year.
Then within that goal, set another goal that is more achievable, and then after setting that goal, set another one that will be even easier.
I find by setting many progressive smaller goals that lead up too the big one, you stay more motivated.

I mentioned forgetting whatever you thought was good before and forgetting it because as a noobie, you probably see a huge bro at the gym or your favourite body builder do it, so it must work for you.
Unfortunately genetics and health reasons are reality, and believe me in your case they are obviously working against you, so you gotta be smart about how you go about it.
Pick a simple but constantly evolving workout plan that doesn’t major in the minors.

Do compounds, (bench, squat, shoulder press and deads) and if you can’t do them, do assistance work to build up to them (bench = push-ups / squat/dreads = squat no weight or weighted lunges / no weight shoulder press and start on your core.

There are plenty all over the T Nation website and have been linked here already.

And more importantly, do it and do it a lot
And sleep a lot
And eat lots of good foods
And do more of it
Eventually you’ll beat that first goal and before you know it your well on your way to being a healthier you

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I Hope to GOD your not trolling … Because when I hear someone say they had a tumor. I am reminded of seeing my father slowly die from cancer . More so enduring watching my wife going through chemo battling her own cancer.

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No I’m not a troll. I had a tumor in my prolactin gland. Ruined my hormones for life. Now I have to be on testosterone cyp, aromasin and peptides for testosterone and gh etc. I looked like I was literally dead back in 2014 it was really hard. I’m sorry about your family who have suffered I know how it is.