Help! Badly Ripped Callus

I ripped a callus way open and deep while deadlifting yesterday. I’m on a planned deadlift specialization cycle, and I lift again tomorrow. I need some quick fixes. Any suggestions to make things bearable?

Liquid bandage and lifting straps until it heals.

I know super glue is non-toxic and supposedly works pretty well. They use it for cut repair in boxing. Though I’m not sure how it’ll stand up to a few hundred pounds. Probably a better solution, but if it’s all you’ve got, what the hell.

I’ve superglued mine before with success. In the future, keep your calluses trimmed down. This prevents them from ripping off in one piece and tearing deeper skin layers with the surface.


I have one now in the palm of my hand, because of hammering.

I took some duct tape and very tightly taped a bandaid against my hand, and covered it a few times with it.
Helped pretty good. As long as there can be no friction, you’re good to go.

Be careful with the superglue, a little goes a long way!

Appreciate the help guys. Thanks.