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Help Athlete with Strength Standards


Hey Coach,

For the past months I have been researching about training online and from what I have read, I think you are the best there is when it comes to strength training. You combine scientific knowledge with in the trenches experience like no one else.

Since you don’t do online training I joined this site to ask for your help and I will be truly grateful if you could help me.

I got cut from the national greco-roman wrestling team because I could not make the strength standards to join the team. I am in the 85kg category and the strength standards are:
bench press 120kg, pullups +70kg, squat 200kg, prone row 120kg and power clean 120kg.
I could only lift the weight for pull ups and rows but everything else was far behind. bench press and squat I did 100kg and power clean I did 90kg.

I decided to focus on the next 6 months on strength training to get as close as possible to the weights I must lift to make the national team. I will only go to wrestling practice 3 times per week during those months so I will be able to strength train the other 3 times.

Could you please suggest to me a way to organize my training and a progression model to use to achieve those goals?


I will start online coaching in a week or so


Best news I heard all year. Are you still enthusiastic about that online app for personal trainers you posted about on facebook some months ago? (can’t remember the name). I recall you said it was so awesome it might persuade you to start online training.

Also, random, I am very excited about your SWIS presentation this year.