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Help Arguing Against Certain Theories

My cousin who has a bunch of uni qualifications is saying that you can eat unlimited protein such as chicken and broccoli and not put on fat, apparently its because your body just shits out excess protein so you will never gain weight only muscle even if you eat ten thousand calories of chicken and broccoli, i stated that will obviously be a severe calorie surplus and you will get fat. Which is right? Please link articles.

Another thing she stated was if you’re not sore the next day you wont get bigger or stronger.

Anddd another thing was that Strongman such as eddie hall and such could be as strong as they are now without there excess fat. And that if they ate ten thousand calories a day of chicken and broccoli they will be muscular and no fat.

No GIF this time my friend:

X for all claims. Burden of proof is on ur cousin/I’m too lazy to pull out a textbook

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If I show that your cousin is full of shit can I smash?

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Yeah bruh you want sum fuk download

  1. Yes it is harder for your body to convert excess protein into fat.

  2. DOMS will be greatly reduced or eliminated once you get onto a strict training schedule.

  3. No eddie hall wouldn’t be jacked if thats all he ate. You have to have some fat for strongman for joint health, leverages, among other things humans aren’t going to be that strong and weigh 420 pounds with out a little fat.

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Has this guy ever tried a strongman event that involves pushing or pulling/dragging something?

Nope, my cousin thinks because she has a bunch of uni degrees inwhatever that she knows everything. She has never done strongman and didnt know about who eddiehall was till i showed her eddie strongman on netflix. Another thing i stated was that if you have weak legs but a strong bench press and you strengthen your legs (eg going from a (120kg to 200kg squat), it will drive up your max bench numbers. According to her the bench press is a pure upper body lift. I aldo stated a strong upper back and lats will help in the bench press but apparently that’s wrong also. Its really annoying especially when since my cousin is my aunties daughter ( i live with my aunty and her daughter just moved in), it has impacted my personal life. My cousin convinced my aunty of a bunch of bullshit like “carbs are bad for you” "Calorie maintenance, deficit and bulking doesnt exist because a calorie isnt a calorie, if you eat 10000 calories of chicken you’ll only gain muscle because its protein. , or "too much protein is bad for you and if you eat however you want but train hard you will still be ripped and strong and continue progressing. I literally dont gain muscle or strength unless i consume a shit tonne of food. Otherwise i just feel beat up and dont progress at all.

I would probably just ignore her opinions and advice.

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Thats how most people are. Everyone has stuff they are spot on about, and some that is completely bullshit based off their own experience. Even the best coaches have stuff they disagree about. It takes a certain amount of skill to sift through the crap and find the nuggets of knowledge you can actually use


Congrats @bigmanfootball67 you get to smash his cousin

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I do not listen to any of it whatsoever, it is rubbish lol

Even if the protein thing was correct, most protein sources arnt 100% protein anyway. Chicken has fats in it and broccoli has fibre (amoung other things).

But seriously this argument thing impacting your home life is ridiculous and very childish. If your uni age cousin isn’t mature enough to stop these petty squabbles than its up to you Duke. I would just stop talking to her about anything fitness and nutrition related if she is the type of person to use that against you.

The thing is, you will get an argument against her from these forums and than you will try to use that against her. She feels compelled to ‘win’ as she is older and is studying so she will than make shit up to your aunty. So even if you win the battle, you lose the war.

Don’t lower yourself to her level because it obviously isn’t helping you any.


Also this ‘smashing women’ thing is fuckin disgusting. I know it’s a joke but it’s a real shame that young men talk like this.


If you are right and you know you are right, why does it matter?


There are numerous articles out there on this. Here’s one from T-Nation. https://www.t-nation.com/diet-fat-loss/protein-will-not-make-you-fat

I’d think it’s mostly an acedemic point since no one is going to do well on a pure protein diet, and it’s not the chicken breast and broccoli that are usually the problem. I’d also hate to try and get fat on just chicken breast and broccoli without going insane in the process.

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Then I dont really understand why you need "help arguing against " it.

You don’t need to correct everyone’s belief. You can just go “okay” and continue on with your life.


Yeah i shouldnt have posted this thread,
Not because everyone can see i messed up with posting it or anything because when i im angry i do silly things and later on regret it, i make a fuss over things that i shouldnt really complain about. And Cheers man, she’s 37. There’s nothing i can really do besides like you said dont talk to her about anything.

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There are many ways to grow as a person. You have mentioned this a few times so it’s obviously something you struggle with. None of us are perfect but a big point that this forum tries to convey, is to keep trying every day to improve yourself.

Keep at it mate, you have the right attitude, you just need to keep working on you and let other people work themselves out.