help any advice

I was arrested july of 02 for selling drugs and after 6 months and every dime i have i got the charged dropped and had to sell my car and everything i have and i had to drop contact with everyone i know and moved as far off as i could to start a new lawfull life.and since unlce sam doesnt look down on me to good its hard to get funds for college i am 22 i was wondering if any of you had advice on working for yourself???

Since the charges were dropped, I’m assuming that you’re eligible to join the military; that’s what I did to pay for school. Plus, it gives one a great kick in the ass.

Sell drugs for money.

Join the military…Lets you grow up, infact it makes you grow up. And when you come in, stay away from the druggies and drunks. My unit has our little cadre of people who drive drunk and get high on a regular basis and i’m just waiting for either a DUI, a crash, or a positive piss test to bring it all crashing down. Anyway, good luck straightening out. I mean, a year ago i was headed in a downward direction, doing the wrong kinda of things, and now after about 9 months in, i think i’m headed in a more positive direction.


Enter the service or start waiting tables or bartending and get your ass to school. I would say that you should go through the summer session and start at a junior or community college. Settle for a 3.5 GPA or higher. Childhood is now over. Everything from this point on is earned.

Certainly, check out the military. Additionally, many colleges and universities have special programs for their employees. So you might look at getting a job at you favorite school. Best of Luck.