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Help and Comments Please


Hey guys , I'm currently doing this routine, please check and I hope IA will reply here as well. Accept criticism and comments , thanks in advance.

I'm 18year old 5'7 .

I'm doing this routine after 2months of Rippetoe program , I see little gains so I modified it . Pls comment including IA. The workout principle is same as Mark rippetoe program , will add weights if I feel confident to go for it , each added weight will be 5lbs. Just like Mark Rippetoe commented.

Monday : 3 X 5


Wednesday : 3 X 5

Deadlift 1 X 5

Friday : 3 X 5


Accessories :
Monday & Friday only
2 X 8
Lat Pull Down

Hope u pros can kindly help me .


Too much 5 repping! Are you seeing any strength gains with that, you should? Maybe try adding in a few other type rep ranges.

Since you're not seeing progress, I'm going to give you a little bit of my advice. Actually its Prof X and CT's advice combined. "lift to get stronger, eat to get bigger" -Prof X what are you eating ...enough?

Next, how about trying a new approach if you really are putting forth effort and not seeing results? How about looking into CT's set rep schemes? He has some great ones. 5-2-1 is really good, there are many more. Try dropsetting or rest pause, excellent for tearing up muscle ...even with all barbell type exercises if you're used to compound multijoint type exercises. I would look at CT's stuff if you want to put some slabs of meat on. My opinion byt he has the best programs to do that. I use them myself. Good Stuff. Go to the authors section and read a few of his ideas.



The training is fine...and this might not happen often so I'm even going to quote it "I agree with merlin" about the eating part. Basic programs like starting strength have put plenty of size on guys and it will for you too if you step up the work at the kitchen table. Good luck with your training.


Okay , anyway I have decided to go for madcow 5 X 5 .

I'm a FBB thats why I think Im eating not enough , so worry that it will turn into fats and makes me look fat again! sigh...


If you've only been on Rippetoe for 2 months you are not going to progress faster on Madcow. Most people can get 6 month or more on Ripptoe. What kind of weight are you moving now?

What does FBB mean?


female bodybuilder?