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Help and Advice with Planning the New Program

Hi everyone, my name is Elad. I’ve been doing 5/3/1 for almost two years now.

My updated work weights are:
Squat: 370
Deadlift: 440
Bench Press: 235
Press: 160

I’m nearing the end of the template : “God is a beast.” The program did not do me any good, I weakened terribly, there were other programs that greatly strengthened me and I came to the conclusion that I needed more frequency.
Probably one lift a week is not enough for me.

So I wanted my next program to be FBW all from Forever book with Squat 3 times a week and Bench Press of at least twice a week.

In addition, I would like to add Power Clean into it. I’ve done this exercise many times before but since I started 5/3/1 I’ve stopped. (two years).

I’ve come to the point where I don’t know how to calculate my TM for this exercise. Anyone have any ideas? I’m going to start the TM Test in a few days after the Anchor of God is a beast.

where can I add the PC in that week and how should I test it? By how many reps?

Anyone tried a same template style that I wrote and succeeded? Could you please offer me ?

One more thing, If I already know my 90% TM (From the anchor) should I still do the TM Test or can I jump into deload/next program ?

Just use the the TM test week the way you would for any other lift. Work up to a heavy triple, and use that as 90% TM.

Just refer to the FBW Section in Forever. There are several templates in there that involve squatting 3 times a week and work in the Power clean.

You can do whatever you want. Best practice is to deload, then test your TM’s, then start your new program. This is outlined in the book.

I had decent success with Full Body Leader 11

Thank you for the quick answer.
I will go with small increasments till I find my PC TM.

I know and I have chcked my TM everytime after every anchor.
but this time I got 3 Reps with 100% TM in all lifts (Deadlift 5 Reps) on the last Anchor week.

What possibly can Change ?

One more thing please.
Am I allowed to switch between the bench and the press in the FBW section on the book ? All of thd templates are uses the Press twice a Week and the Bench just once.

Check the beginning of the section. It might say something about switching out bench and press where ever you want. Even if not I am pretty sure it’s okay.

Try the clean progression here or whole thing!(very solid template)…

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I love this template, but a word of advice. Doing 50 reps of towel pull ups is nearly impossible. Pull ups are my strength, and I can do 25 reps in one set. But holding on to a towel hanging from a bar in each hand and trying for this number of reps actually injured by hands. I would suggest doing 5-10 with one towel in one hand and the other hand on the bar, and then switching hands. It’s doable this way. (I know someone might make fun of me for this, but seriously it’s super tough to support your own weight gripping towels, and then cranking out pull ups). Another option is to put fat gripz on the bar and doing pull ups holding these.

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I checked several times, I didn’t find anything specific about it. But do you think it’s okay?

What about the TM Test? Should I do it even though the last week of Anchor told me for sure where I am in terms of work weights?
Maybe just deload ? maybe jump to the next program ?

Thank you everyone who offered me the Beach Body program.
I’ve heard a lot of things about Volume and Strength as well. I would like to try it but it does not have Power Clean.
Anyone tried it?

I have run Volume and Strength. I enjoyed it a lot, and will run it again some day I am sure. If you wanted to run something like that type of template with a oly power variation of I think the Beach Body Challenge mentioned before is probably what you would want to go for. Especially since its all spelled out for you.