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Help and Advice Please on Cycling

Hey guys i am 19, 5’11 and have been working out for a good 3 years now with a break which lasted me about 6 months due to a torn rotator cuff as well as graduation. When i started i was at about 140 lbs skinny fat had around 11 inch arms no chest bad posture etc… my highest bulk i was at 192 lbs with 15.2 inch arms and estimating around 16% BF… which was about in January, and at the time of this post i am 172-4 with 14.8inch arms around 13.6% BF… i wanna get leaner and bigger my dieting have improved quiet a bit i would say and to an extent i can play with my weight as i like but it is close to impossible for me to get under 10% BF…

For a long time now i been building a foundation and priding myself on being natural and all that jas, even though i don’t have anything against anyone who isn’t, as long as they know what they are doing. Lately i been realizing more and more people in and out of the gym where i am from are on juice and its made me consider it.

My buddy same age as me at 6’1’’ is around 195lbs atm prob. 6-8%Bf with 18-19inch arms hes obviously on gear. He advised me to try Tren ace and test for a cycle. As i don’t wanna be huge but i wanna be at around 195 at 8-10%BF… i been reading more and more as i feel knowledge is power and i dont want to walk into anything blind. it is for me a viable option i jus would like help as to weather and what i can or should do exactly.

As well as if i do choose to take it how i would do my workout splits as my shoulders are lacking, lats are lacking but i have a thick back and lower bicep head is lacking legs are good as i did Soccer,Football and VolleyBall most my life. but yea any advice on dosage or my situation would be greatly appreciated. I am not ignorent nor am i expecting a magic pill but i would love to hear from more then jus 1 person in my own life on what they think.

I started my first cycle essentially when I was 18 years old long story short I shut my self down hard and it never came back on. I am now on TRT for life because of this. Had I waited a few years it would most likely be a different story.

You are 19 and have been making very good gains naturally and right now your test levels and GH levels are as high as they ever will be naturally. You say you have been reading and are not ignorant how ever I call bull shit on this or you would not be here right now. You want to take AAS to look better. The goals you want are easily achievable naturally.

Unless your looking to push your self as far as you can in a sport or are putting food on the table in a situation where these drugs would aid you then you have no need for them. If your not willing to take AAS for life then you should not take them. AAS is not a game, a fad, or just something you do because you dont want to diet in order to get leaner. Take it for what it is worth at the end of the day I do not know you and I dont care if you get hurt or permanently shut down.