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Help Analyze Blood Test Results

Sorry doses for nolva are use that amount per day for a week. Take 40 mg/day for week one for example.

Thanks alot for your help. Isn’t there a website I can order this stuff from?

There most definitely is. We are not supposed to talk sources here. Other online forums are allowed to talk about sources, and do reviews. I would check those out.

Thank so much man. I will do this!

I’ve had good luck with the outlawmuscle forum. Others are out there though. I encourage you to do lots of research before buying from and trusting these companies.

Sounds good big man thank you again :muscle:t2:

I will do that. And also is the hcg weekly or daily? And it’s the stuff you mix with water right?

HCG every other day. You need bact. water to mix it with. If it comes mixed it is probably fake.

You can tell if the HCG is real with a pregnancy test. If positive it is real.

So I’ve got it but the hcg (5000 out) is in a really small bottle. Probably looks like I could only maybe get 1ml bact water in

Or 5 ml or so maybe

I figured it out! Every other day would be hard on the cheeks tho. Any other places good for hcg injections?

If you can get in 5ml, do that, then 500 iu is roughly .5 mL.

HCG is better subQ. Use a slin pin, and go into belly fat. Very little pain with HCG.

Nice! So like a 28 or 30

Yep. For HCG I have used 30 gauge just fine.

So I had to get two 5,000 iu bottles and will have some left over after the pct. (I’m at the end of week 4 now). Should I keep taking it until I’m out or just stick to the program you have me? Also have you ever used any like blood circulation and libido supplements that work well? Ice tried ginger root ashwaganda tribulus maca swedish flow pollen all that junk nothing really seems effective

I would not use the HCG during or after the PCT. It is suppressive to LH and FSH which signal testosterone production. If you run your PCT, and find that after a while off of PCT that your levels are low, you could consider HCG monotherapy if you don’t want to do TRT.

So if I my fsh and lh levels are low would monotherapy with hcg be bad? From my blood tests I’ve taken that seems to be the only thing I can find that may be causing my ed

So the SERM (nolva) is going to elevate LH and FSH in most cases. HCG is a hormone that is very similar to LH (the male body treats them the same from what we can tell). If you put HCG into your body, it will lower LH to try to balance things out. If you are trying to be off of everything that won’t help you. If you can’t get your natural LH and FSH up with the SERM, and you want good test levels, then you may need to use HCG to mimic having high LH production.

Using HCG before the SERM makes sense as it will get your balls really big and ready to produce once you LH and FSH come back. Using it during or after is counter to your goals if they are to be off completely.

Excellent feedback bro and explanation I appreciate your time once again! What’s your venmo?

Not necessary my friend. Where are you right now in the process?

Also, natural test boosters don’t seem to do much for boosting testosterone, but I took one and it did make me horny. I think they are better at doing that, then you think test is up.

I would review any product you decide to take though. I have heard some of them do more harm than good.