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Help Analyze Blood Test Results

Please help analyze these and if there are any numbers that I should be concerned with

I have been experiencing some ED the past year and trying to just make sure I’m doing everything correctly

What are you on, if anything, right now? Can you give some basic info about yourself and what you’re doing?

What’s your dose? Is this with regard to TRT or blasting? Your free T is very high. If on TRT I would lower dose a bit. Slightly high T3 uptake is nothing to worry about since TSH is normal. E2 also isn’t that high considering Test levels.

So I do 170mg test weekly cruise/trt. My plan is to occasionally blast when prepping for a meet. I was told I should take a small amount of exemestane with my shots from here on out but still up to here more info on this. I don’t plan on doing anything but test in the future unless there’s really good health reasons to do so. I used to do 250mg test cruise but felt that was too high given prior blood tests. I hope this provides a good point of Information

In that case Shaw is right, probably dial back the test a little. Otherwise numbers look good. How you feel is a much more important thing to think about vs what your numbers say.

Is there anything I can do for the Ed? It’s been almost two years with it now. I tried some tren about two years ago and I started getting Ed mid cycle so stopped and it’s.never been the same since

This was the last test I got

Maybe I should come off and do a pct? If so and I wean down halfway on the test over the next two weeks after that what should I take and how long etc ?

I wouldn’t go half way down if you are trying to find an optimal dose. Lower by 20 mg to 30 mg per week.

I think I need to try to come off and do a pct with hcg. That’s what others just told me. Any thoughts on how to do so ?

I would run hcg at 500 iu for 3-4 weeks. Then I would stop and use nolva at 40, 40, 20, 20

So let’s say this is week 0. (Sorry I’m really fucking dumb it takes me a sec to digest). Week 1 I’ll half my test week 2 half it again then week 3 4 5 hcg then week 6 7 8 9 nolva?

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That would work. You can test taper or not. You can run HCG on test, and off. You can run nolva longer to. Lots of stuff will work. Some stuff won’t work as well too.

If it is me, I would take an approach that involves the least unpleasantness.

I would start HCG now at 250 iu EOD, and cut test down to 100 mg a week for about a month. Then I would cut the test all together and bump the HCG up to around 500 iu EOD for 2 weeks. You only need to wait 2 weeks to start nolva since your dose is only 100 mg per week. Stop the HCG a day before you start nolva. Then if it is me I would do nolva at 40, 40, 20, 20, 10, 10. I would do two extra weeks at low dose. I don’t think it will hurt anything, and probably make you feel better. I would call this a super PCT, and it is what I would do since you have been on for awhile.

This is what I would do. More complicated, but probably a bit more effective. You could even run nolva a bit longer at low dose of you don’t feel very good. Something like 10 mg a day.

The nolva is 40 weekly?