Help an Obese Noob

Thats right I am prob around 400 lbs

All I have is an olympic bar and some plates.No room for a home gym and no time for a public gym.I love the idea of doing clean and press but my big stomach makes me feel like I cant get good form, I.E strait bar path.I also have a back issue that is nothing to do with my spine It is a muscle injury I have had for years.i feel hopeless.i would love to hear about someone with a big belly who does cleans with good form.Any help would be awsome.Thanks

Body-weight exercises I would say are your best bet. That and long walks. Cleans or olympic lifts probably aren’t the best bet for you right now considering your back/weight.

[quote]Andrewdwatters1 wrote:
Body-weight exercises I would say are your best bet. That and long walks. Cleans or olympic lifts probably aren’t the best bet for you right now considering your back/weight. [/quote]

i doubt he will be able to perform push ups and pull ups @ 400lb.

[quote]ryan.b_96 wrote:

i doubt he will be able to perform push ups and pull ups @ 400lb.[/quote]

Quite possible, but if so he can still do incline pushups and so on. Long walks should still be doable as well.

Well some honesty might be more helpfull than lifting. You are a bronze medalist. It takes at least 10 years to do something real well and earn an olympic medal. What is common in those over 3600 past days, YOU.
You are the problem so you are the solution. Just eating quality(real foods) for 3 months will bring you about 360. Than more things/options will be within your reach. Plan your improvements over 24 months.

Step 1 = avoid process foods. Eat 3 to 4 times daily. Veggies are your friends, good fats in small amounts whatever you rarely put in yourself to get where you are. Anyone talking about portion simply have no clue. Look at what small people do.

Find things you enjoy, enjoy your life you will be busy and do other things than eating/drinking.

If it has an ingredient list it is not real food and should not enter you. Your blood pressure should scare you. The high number over 120 is not healthy. I am in my fifties and mine is around 110. You can keep on killing yourself it is your life.

Walking, swimming, cycling are good now.

See you in 90 days for step 2.

Happy season !

My advice is for the next 6 months, just do these 2 things:

1- Eat well

2- Go for a walk every day

You know what is healthy: meat/eggs/fish, vegetables, fruit, and complex carbs. In that order of priority.

That walk should be at least 30 minutes. 60 would be better, or walk for 30 minutes twice a day.

After 6 months of doing this every day, come back and we can take it from there.

At 37 years old and 400 pounds step one should be getting medical clearance.

Assuming you have medical clearance I would start with walks, swimming and cycling.(as mentioned) Low impact cardio combined with healthy eating habits will start your journey off on the right foot.

One simple eating plan I like on this website is The Green Face Diet:

If ^this^ is true you may want to get a hold of a copy of convict conditioning. The author, Paul Wade, does a good job of starting the program at level “Zero” and walking the reader through a slow steady progression. You don’t even need to be about to do a pushup or body weight squat to start so don’t be intimidated by the cover photo.

[quote]joshua hudson wrote:
I am prob around 400 lbs[/quote]
How tall are you, just for context? 6’5", 400 pounds is a little different than 5’7", 400 pounds.

No time? No time. You have no time? No time? Please either explain why, reword it, or understand that this is an excuse that’s keeping you obese.

What’s the injury? What rehab have you done? Are you 100% cleared for full activity (relative to your current condition)?

Vasily Alekseyev, 6’1" 350ish pounds. One of the greatest Olympic lifters of all time.

Shane Hamman, 5’9", also 350ish.

However, their performances relate to you about as much as Larry Bird’s dunking abilities do. You’ve got quite a way to go before you consider doing cleans. Consider setting it as a mid-to-long term goal - Power clean 135x5. Boom. First target to set your sights on. You won’t get there by Valentine’s Day, but shoot for it by, say, next Xmas and work towards it.

As was already suggested, super-simple stuff (eating “well” and moving around more) will make the first dent/build a base to advance from. In addition to the particulars that Chris87, JLo, and others mentioned, consider one snippet Dan John mentioned in his recent article:

“If you want to try an interesting experiment, get a heart rate monitor and for five minutes, get down on the ground (vary the position, front or back or sides) and stand up. Repeat. Yes, that’s it.”

To start off consume zero sugar and try this walking program. Also check out hawaiitunya’s log in the indigo section

Its easy to feel hopeless with chronic back pain. You may have an imbalance that is preventing your back muscles from healing. Core training has helped me out a lot. Bodyweight/goblet squats, planks from knees, perfect form crunches. These have helped my back a lot. I was in chronic pain for 2 years now I only ache once in a while. Get the pain under control. Olympic lifts are not where beginners should start.

[quote]ryan.b_96 wrote:

[quote]Andrewdwatters1 wrote:
Body-weight exercises I would say are your best bet. That and long walks. Cleans or olympic lifts probably aren’t the best bet for you right now considering your back/weight. [/quote]

i doubt he will be able to perform push ups and pull ups @ 400lb.[/quote]

yeah, bet he can’t do pistol squats or handstand pushups either. there’s a lot of bodyweight exercises bud

Thanks alot everybody.

First I am 6’2 large frame fairly broad shoulders.

At one point I was thinking of just clean and pressing the bar for about 3 months with good diet of course, then starting a very gradual 10 lb per weak progression.

Another thought I had was maybe some dumbbells.

I also have a large truck tire and rim I can use as a sled…strength training without puting strain on my frame.

Well thanks alot and tell me what you think.How ever long it takes I will never give up…some day I will clean and press more than my bodyweight for reps.

Thaks everybody

Diet and walking 1 and 2 best options here’s one to add in, anchor a hook in the wall at face level, buy tow strap 4ft with hoop stitched in each end. put strap through hook, hold handels, feet where wall meets floor is hardest away from wall is easer, try to keep body straight as you row, elbows held where comfortable, working towards level with shoulders. The end goal here is to have feet in corner, body leaned back, doing face pull, and squats with asistance. This helps build core, cuffs, and confidance, at your own pace,and once you can do pushup,try these rows,pushups, and squats, for a weight loss triset, thats hard to beat. I’v worked with overweight clients, some as big as 450, and all of this works Ive seen it, have client right now at 260 from 410, keep focused. This is also a home rotator cuff saver for anyone. Goodluck keep us posted,

Aloha Joshua,

You should check out my Indigo log.

My log is really long and it might take you a while to get through it. I’ll bookmark your log here and come back with suggestions for you.

I have been where you’re at. Now granted I have a public gym to work out it, also doesn’t hurt that I own it…so it’s kind of like my own personal home gym, I just let the neighbors use it as well. :slight_smile:

There are so many things you can do with just your bodyweight and the little bit of equipment you have. I’ll come up with a list of things for you and post it later this evening when I get back from teaching my TotalFit180 class (boot camp).

One thing I will say, if you don’t have one…a rope suspension training system would be a great addition to your home ‘gym’. If you can’t afford to buy like the TRX, their are other options out there. One of my members actually made the ones we use in my class. Check out our TotalFit180 Facebook page Redirecting... and you’ll see some pictures of it. I take one of them with me when I go on vacations so that I can keep training.

Okay…I have to run. A hui ho


[quote]RampantBadger wrote:
To start off consume zero sugar and try this walking program. Also check out hawaiitunya’s log in the indigo section

LOL I commented on this log and then read through it… hmmmm maybe I should have read first. Mahalo RampantBadger for following my transformation. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I will definatly heed the good advice I have gotten here.

Diet will be no suger,potatoes or bread.Water for drinking and meat,eggs, cheese, milk and green vegitables.

I have found that I do enjoy kickboxing for cardio.It gets me winded and I enjoy it, plus long walks with my wife and of course getting rid of the T.V.

I am exited to get started I just have not fully worked out my strength training yet.

I know every body wants me to focus on walking and diet right now and I will.

But I really want a healthy safe strength routine to do 3 times a weak.I will start light and focus on form.Body weight squats as best I can.I know legs feed the wolf.

There is no “safe” strength routine that you can do when you’re 400 lb and haven’t done strenuous physical activity for years. Because of your mass and your body’s probable weakness due to little physical activity, any activity will likely be very challenging, and thus weight-lifting can be harmful.

Besides, walking is the best thing you do right now to both lose weight and gain strength. If you actually try to walk at a good pace, you’ll quickly realize just how hard it is. It’ll force your lower back/core to hold your posture for an extended period of time. Your legs will effectively be moving 200+lb every time you take a step forward. Eventually your shoulders and other large upper body muscle groups will be tired simply from the fact that they have to stay activated for a prolonged period. The only part of your body that isn’t actively involved while you walk is your chest, which you can also get involved by exaggerating the swing of your arms.

There’s a reason why walking for distance at a good pace is the best thing you can do for your body, regardless of your physical conditioning. Most people just don’t walk fast enough for their particular level of conditioning and thus write it off as being ineffective.

My honest recommendation would be that you simply eat clean food (doesn’t really matter how much you eat; just eat clean food), and walk for an hour+ at a good pace 3 times a week. Your goal is to eventually raise that to everyday.

Do that for a month and you’ll probably lose 10-15lb.

But the key is the pace. You must be walking consistently at a pace that winds you. Anything lower and you’re just wasting time.

The diet sounds right, protien and veggies, theres some good safe advice here,this won’t be a sprint. HawaiiTunya, checked your log, awesome, ya TRX is pretty much what I took 100 words to say, just for about 5$ When your heavy and have been inactive, its good to start with cardio(walking) and posture(TRX) first, it will make the resistance training more effective and fun.

Slight issue, I have not been on the couch for years.I am actually a fairly active 400 pounder.Less than 4 months ago I was loading and unloading furniture at my old job.Now I have a physically easier job but I can still help you move If necessery.Thanks for the advise.

I recently dropped 90+lbs. For the first 2-3 months I was doing a lot of jumping jacks, mountain climbers, burpees, box jumps, jump rope, etc. I was trying to stick to mainly plyometric type workouts and this is when I saw the greatest loss. When the weight stopped moving, I started counting calories and lifting heavy. It worked great for me!