Help an Injured T-Man

I have something along the lines of a pulled groin muscle, and I cannot do squats presently due to this condition. I only feel it in the bottom of a squat position. I have no problem doing deads, but anyway my ? is how can I rearrange my training split so I don’t have to take too much time off? I currently do bench, rows, incline dumbbell press and dips on M, T is squats, leg curls and calf raises, Th is Chins, Military, Hammer curl and close-grip bench, and F is deads, shrugs, ext. rotators and calves. Obviously I’m going to have to take a week off from squatting. I’ve also been doing ice massages to the affected area for 15 min. 3-4x/day…is there anything I can do to accelerate healing? Would MSM or glucosamine/chondroitin really make a difference? HELP!!!

After about 48 hours you can start gentle stretching to help the scar tissue remodel appropriately as it is laid down. Butterfly and seated split stretch should work for you. A contract relax method below pain threshold may accelerate the process as well. Chondroitin and Glucosamine will do little for you. They are primarily effective for joint/cartilagenous preservation issues. If you can deadlift then deadlift. Don’t worry so much about missing a squat workout. It may actually do you some good. Try some sled dragging with a side step motion or crossover stepping…low resistance/no pain to increase blood flow which may accelerate your recovery. Its all concentric contraction which will minimize any DOMS.

Bill, many thanks for the reply. I have been swamped the last couple days so I haven’t had a chance to check replies. I’ll give that a shot.