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Help an Endomorph Beginner


Hi sorry about my english but it is not my native language.

By the way, i am a beginner in powerlifting and even more beginner in nutrition, before training i always looked as skinny fat, then i started to bulk eating everything in sight(trying to be around only healthy and non processed food) aiming to 3500 kcal, but then i checked my blood analysis and noticed that my glicemia was very high, which is not a shock since my whole family has that problem, so now i am trying to bring carbs down to 10% of 2600kcal during week days, fat 70% (mostly fresh olive oil, avocado, black olives etc.) and 20% protein, with a carbup cheat day on saturday or sunday.

I would like to know if this kind of keto approach is going to help me being healthier less fat and at the same time able to progress with strength gains.

I am 180cm, 90 kg and i suppose 19% body fat

Should i keep on going low carb with 2600kcal, or should i go a bit higher?
Or should i just eat normally but with less calories?

My Bmr is 2000

Thanks a lot to all of you!


This. IMO as a beginner you shouldn’t worry about keto or anything other than monitoring your calories. Count em and start a lifting routine, get your blood sugar under control, and go from there.


Thanks a lot. What you think are calories i should aim for? Some tdee websites say between 2300-2600
I train 3 times a week (volume day, light day and intensive day with multiple singles) i have a part time job as a cook, therefore i stay standing for all the shifts.


Depends if you are trying to actually lose weight, or just get your blood sugar under control. Your blood sugar probably has more to do with food selection and carb control than total calories consumed, but I admit I don’t know much about corralling blood sugar levels. That conversation is best suited for your doctor. As far as your daily caloric goals, shoot for somewhere in the middle of the range you gave ( say 2400 ) and weigh yourself every morning. Adjust accordingly after a week or two depending on how quickly you gain or lose weight.


My goal is to get strong and stay lean (right now i look more like a human pear) but i am not really interested in getting huge, only to do powerlifting.
I will try with 2400 and see how it goes and i guess my blood sugar will stay low with less calories.
Thanx a lot for your help


If you want to compete in powerlifting you should focus on getting big and strong and not worrying about what you look like. There is no beauty contest at the end of a powerlifting meet. However it is important that you get your blood sugar handled first and foremost.