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Help, Am I Doing Something Wrong


Hi guys,
Mailing you from Ireland here need your Wisdom!!
I'm 28yr old from Ire and have tried a course of Deca, Enanthate and Dball, I did find though that having oily skin i broke out a good bit in Big red feckin Spots!!!
Got mad hairy and oily... Yet i see other guys here and not a blemish on them...

Am i doing something wrong? Or is it the quality of gear that i was supplied?
Its pretty embarrassing in the changing rooms or sauna having a spotty back!!

Can you guys guide me in the right direction please??





Thanks Lad,
I'll check it out!!


There is a Steroids forum for a reason....

But I'm almost positive they will tear you apart...


Yeh agreed, but when you've put yourself back together you'll thank them. Go in there and post it man.


great stuff guys!! thanks...


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So this is how others perceive this forum.

This is interesting and not a bad thing at all.


dosages would be a great help as already mentioned....


Hiya guys, Was taking 100ml of both deca and enanthate!

Will that help you?

Looking to get bigger also but looked at all the different types of steroids and hear different reports on all!!
Any idea's on the best types with minimal side effects?


100ml ?


BTW guys, assuming that wasn't a typo I have always wondered this - what would happen for a 1st timer to take say 10ml of test E in one go


A slow and Painful death.



Death by jackedness?


I have to admit some dark eagerness to read all the replies that are sure to come


This entire thread hurts my eyes.


Being from ireland, i know first hand the ignorance that surrounds anabolics here. I myself would probably be in the same boat as this guy if i had not been lucky enough to find thid site when i was researching anabolics.

I had my first cycle completed and a decent knowledge obtained when i was introduced to an irish source, and i was lucky because the stuff he was telling me and advise he gave me was terrible. He doesn't use proper dosages, never heard of an ai, doesn't know how to use hcg... By the sounds of things this guy has the same source!

I'm just lucky to have found T-Nation! :slight_smile:


with no useable information...crap no one can even flame the poor guy...these guys are asking what dosages of which compounds per week....what was the total duration of the cycle...what was the frequency of dosing...what ancillaries were used to prevent side effects? briefly the hormonal swings cause teh acne generally due to lack of estrogen control...i will stop there