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Help Aesthetic Lifting

Hey all. My football/competitive sports career has come to its end, and along with it the need for overall mass. I know this may be viewed as sacreligous by some, but I am tired of being the “big guy”. I am not looking for answers in terms of nutritional needs, I know how to eat correctly. My questions revolved around training for looks rather than functional strength/power.

I have never lifted for this before and am not really sure where to start in terms of cardio and weight workouts. I am a very experienced lifter, just not with this kind of lifting. My plan is to begin with a pretty severe cutting cycle, something I have never done. I have lost 5-10 pounds here or there because I want to hit the beach more, but have never tried to really lose lots of weight. I would like to get rid of all the excess fat and softness that has accrued over the season and the miserable “post-season laziness.”

What are your recommendations for cardio/lifting routines for the next couple of months to try and melt all this fat off? (And no, I’m not a blubber butt, I just feel like one :-)) If you could point me to any links on the site I appreciate it. I was thinking of picking up CW’s new book and am also thinking of trying the Anabolic Diet.

Sorry for being so long winded and if any of this doesnt make sense its probably because its 6 in the morning back East but I just got back to Seattle and am exhausted. Thanks for the help.

If the mass is already there, there is no need to focus on heavy lifting obviously.

Conditioning is something I actaully know a bit about (gaining loads of mass is another story :slight_smile: ).

You can try cycling your running over a 3 day cycle.

1 - Moderate Intensity (3 mile run)
2 - High Intensity (400m repeats / hill sprints)
3 - No intensity

If you don’t like to run you can always condition with bodyweight movements like pushups, pullups, and burpees. There are lots of medicine ball routines that are great for conditioning as well as sandbag lifts.

Just some ideas.