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Help/Advice for Optimization?

Yea this looks familiar. These were almost my exact numbers.
Doctors kept saying, its normal, you are fine.
I wasn’t fine though, I wasn’t myself.

Watching things that affect my SHBG, I now keep it in the 45-50 region. But ive been up in the 70’s, it sucks.

TRT will help. Don’t mess with AI, especially with higher SHBG, don’t even mess with your E2.

Low estrogen will cause exhaustion and lower libido, even racing thoughts if one is prone to anxiety. You can’t have much free estrogen with estrogen at 6.5.

High SHBG guys tend to not need AI’s do to lower free hormones unless a person is extremely sensitive to estrogen.

After expressing concerns with my dr, he said one cycle of 12 weeks won’t put me in harms way of becoming infertile and with PCT, I wouldn’t have to be on TRT for lifetime. He gave the option of TRT because of my low free T and my high SHBG, which to counteract I am taking 30mg Zinc P and resveratrol. He said my thyroid levels were good which gave no indication of hyper-thyroid. My estrogen levels are low (he thinks it’s due to me being as lean as I am) and my inflammation levels are low.

One 12 week cycle of Test Cyp will shut my nuts down? even if I cycle off correctly with clomid or HcG?

My doctor said resveratrol and zinc picolinate will take my numbers down

I expressed this concern to my doctor, he said the low estrogen is from me being so lean. He doesn’t think it’s an issue because my inflammation levels are low.

Keep us posted then

As long as you have erections and libido, you’re here to optimize so they would mean your doing pretty well.

It was hard to keep them/if at all when I trained on the same day. I’ve also dealt with depression the last 6-8 months.

It sounds like low estrogen symptoms to me, inability to keep an erection and depression.

It’s shocking that any doctor would keep estrogen under 10, you have low estrogen symptoms.



Just be prepared to be underwhelmed. I have tried it all to lower SHBG, nothing works.

Vitamin D, Tongkat Ali, Zinc, Boron. I stopped trying to directly influence my SHBG a long time ago, its pointless. You need to figure out why its high, and then adjust that, or overcompensate with more test.

I have higher SHBG, and messing with my e2 has done only negative.

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What’s your opinion on cause?

Could be genetic, could be environmental.
Something that caught my eye though.

Tumeric, Raw Broccoli and Cauliflower, Zinc, and Reversatrol.

All of these lower e2. In my case , lots of supplements lower my e2. Not sure why im so sensitive.

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A few things, you’ve already received plenty of good information.

A 12 week cycle followed by four weeks hCG will not jump start anything.

A 12 week cycle, with or without PCT will not shut you down permanently. Both of our children were conceived at the end of a couple of the biggest and longest AAS cycles I ever did.

No way you should be as wiped out after training. More than once, after making personal records in competitions, my then girl friend and later wife celebrated appropriately. On or off, never that exhausted after training or competitions.

As mentioned, no AI.

You look like a strong candidate for TRT. When necessary, you can add hCG to maintain fertility.

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Thank you for your feedback

I am not sure why we are calling this a cycle.
200mg/wk is a normal dose for a high SHGB TRT patient. 500mg/wk would be a starter cycle.

You all (trt guys) know what is going to happen. He’s going to have the TRT honeymoon and like most of us spend the rest of our lives trying to get that back.

200mg/wk of T cyp should fix his low E2. with 100mg x2/wk those slugs of T might bring his SHGB down.

lewisisgreen, I would go with the 200mg/wk 12 wk TRT test. I would also ask for 800iu’s of HCG/wk as well. YES you take them at the same time this will also raise your E2. Hold off on any AI’s until you have bloods done in 6 weeks and only ask for an AI if your E2 is over 45 and you have high E2 symptoms.

Don’t get swooned by the TRT honeymoon know its coming and when its gone it gone. Then deside of TRT is for you. Just know the cost of TRT really adds up over the years. 6 months bloods, annual physicals, 2-4 TRT doc visits a year then you have to buy the drugs.

You also might want to consider you are almost 30. So basicly your 20’s are over. Wait until you are 50 you will F-ing pray to feel like you were 30 again.

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professional bodybuiiders never come off TRT. they do stacking on TRT

I only meant that he is cycling androgens on for 12 weeks and then off and considering a PCT which is closer to a steroid cycle in its brevity and conclusion than it is to TRT.

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