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Help/Advice for Optimization?

I am interested in taking TRT through my doctor who is an osteopathic physician specializing in human performance, sports medicine and nutrition. While he says my levels are “normal”, I am not interested in being normal. I feel, at this time in my life, I want things to be OPTIMAL. I am not looking for anything super-physiological, but more improved quality of life. My doctor is prescribing me 200mg Test Cyp/week done in two injections IM at 100mg/each for 12 weeks with lab tests every 4 weeks. Then to wrap up, 4 weeks of HcG. I asked him about an AI and he said due to my age and body comp that he didn’t want to do that. I am trying to do this the “right way”. Please feel free to leave your feedback, guidance and opinions. I would appreciate some second opinions as I am VERY NEW to this subject which seems to be a black hole of information/bro-science-as I am doing my best to self-educate.

-31inch waist
Body hair

  • have beard, shaved head (thinning a bit), decent chest/stomach hair, decent arm/leg hair
    Body Comp
  • I typically sit at 9-11% body fat
    Health/Disease Issues
  • No major health implications, non-diabetic
    RX or OCT Drugs/Supplements?
  • No prescription drugs. I do not drink alcohol. I smoke cannabis for recovery and relaxation.
    • Tumeric 700mg, daily
    • Nordic Natural Fish Oil 3000mg, daily
    • CoQ10 300-400mg, daily
    • Alpha Brain, 2-3x/week
    • Probiotic 20 billion org, daily
    • Vitamin D3/K2 10,000IU, daily
    • Magnesium 350mg, daily
    • Zinc Picolinate 30mg, daily
      -Testosterone Panel
      Albumin - 4.8g/dL (3.5-5.2)
      SHBG - 68.3nmol/L (16.5-55.9)
      TEST, total - 487.6ng/dL (241-827)
      TEST, free (calc) - 5.9ng/dL (4.6-22.4)
      TEST, free % - 1.2 (2.0-3.0)
      TEST, bioavailable - 154.0ng/dL (110-575)
      -Vitamin D25-OH - 58.5ng/mL (30-100)

-Progesterone - 0.15ng/mL (0.2-1.4)
-IGF-1 - 282ng/mL (90-262)
-LH - 5.69mIU/mL (1.7-8.6)
-Estradiol - 6.5pg/mL (7.63-42.6)
-FSH - 3.38mIU/mL (1.5-12.4)

-Thyroid Panel W/TSH
T4, total - 7.4 ug/dL (4.5-11.7)
T Uptake - 1.0 TBI (0.8-1.3)
TSH-3rd Generation Ultra - 0.548 uIU/mL (0.270-4.20)
Cortisol, random - 7.86 ug/dL (2.30-19.40)
-Lipid Panel
Cholesterol - 219 mg/dL (<200)
Triglycerides - 104 mg/dL (<150)
HDL Cholesterol - 55 mg/dL (>=40)
LDL Cholesterol (calc) - 143 mg/dL (<100)
VLDL Cholesterol (calc) - 21 mg/dL (<42)
Risk Ratio (calc) - 4.0 Ratio (3.9-7.3)

-Mean Blood Glucose - 104.3 g/dL

What does your diet consist of?

  • I eat a whole-food diet. Meal Prep contains the following majority of time:
    Whey Isolate Protein
    Goat Butter
    Grass-Fed Butter
    MCT Oil/Coconut Oil
    Olive Oil
    Sweet Potatoes
    Rice - white/wild/red
    Cauliflower (raw)
    Broccoli (raw/steamed)
    Bell Peppers (raw/cooked)
    Carrots (raw/cooked)
    Onions (raw/cooked)
    Garlic (raw/cooked)
    Occasional, Ice cream and pie 1-2 times/week
    I train 4-6 days/week.
  • Westside Conjugate Method (4x)
  • Jiujitsu (1-2x)
  • Yoga (1x)
  • Muay Thai (1x)
  • Some HITT methods every now and then
    Testicle health is good. No aches or deformities.
    How have morning wood and nocturnal erections changed?
  • No noticeable changes. Morning wood maybe 1-2/week.

If you have less body fat , you don’t require anastrazole. I think it’s good. I have been taking 210mg/week for more than a year.

Wrap up?


So this is a short term deal? Your Doc and you need to understand that TRT is for life, just like Insulin.

To be honest, most guys would be super happy with your BF level and level of fitness.

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He wants to do two cycles to see if it jump starts my free t as I am experiencing low t symptoms-fatigue, brain fog, can’t have sex the same day as a max effort leg for example.

I am experiencing low t symptoms like brain fog and fatigue thru out the day. I also can’t have sex with my gf in the same day as a tough training session which is new for me.

Testing labs every 4 weeks is pointless as it takes 6 weeks to reach a stable state, this is when testing should be done.

While your total testosterone is considered normal, free testosterone is in the gutter because testosterone binds to SHBG and when elevated can affect free testosterone negatively.

We men normally have a free testosterone percentage of 2-3 percent, yours is 1.2 percent and is below what’s considered normal. If you have no symptoms than that means your body may not need as much testosterone as the rest of us men or perhaps you are very sensitive to testosterone.

Your low estrogen is cause for concern.

Yes. Two cycles to see if it will jump start my free t.

I am concerned with your doctor’s method. You are young enough that a PCT might bring your natural T production back but also it may not. If it does not bring it back you will effectively be sterile. Introducing exogenous Test will shut down the natural axis in your body unless you are on HCG the entire time to keep it active. Maybe your doctor spoke to you about this.

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Agree 100% on this. You need to be aware of the consequences of introducing T to get your own natural production working again.

Edit: Not saying don’t do it. I know what you’r feeling but you need to know this may be a lifetime of TRT


He said I didn’t have to be on HcG the entire time. I would get on it as I was cycling off. He said it is reasonable for me to do TRT and my mindset is I’d like to be living my life optimally right now. After reading these comments, I am second guessing all of this.

I’m experiencing mind fog, mid day exhaustion and lower libido than I ever have.

What concerns you exactly? I am taking all of this in and trying to make the best decision moving forward.

Risking infertility and also “trying” TRT which may shut down your HPG axis requiring TRT for the rest of your life.

12 weeks of TRT will do that? How do bodybuilders come back from doing Deca/Tren/etc for cycles at a time?

They run a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) to try to kickstart their natural production. Typically, they are not starting from a low test beginning and some guys end up cruising year round rather than try to have a successful PCT

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I’m also feeling iffy about my age with doing TRT. I’ve always thought it was for old guys but now since I’m experiencing some effects of messed up T, my doctor brought in as an option after we combed through my lifestyle. I live a very active life and don’t want to slow down. I’ve just been feeling depressed and no energy to get my work/have sex/take care of my romantic relationship. It’s either one or the other. I either train hard that day and lack energy for the rest of it or I chose to work and have sex that day. I want it all :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

What are my consequences for doing a cycle or two while doing PCT? Do you really think I’ll be infertile after that?

Again, totally understand and these are the reasons I’m self treating. Just trying to help you understand the consequences before you jump.

Lets jump start your testosterone by shutting your nuts down.


Im not familiar with adrogen cycles and PCT so I will let someone else answer that.