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Help Adding Onto My Meals

school started, and i hate making long meals cuz i have to wake up really early. Any tips on what i can add onto my meals?
so far i have
2 eggs/ 1 slice of bread toasted or with rice
100% gold whey standard with milk

1 centrum multivitamin
4 fish oil capsules at 320mg each concentrated = 1.4 grams
1 ginko pill [ dads forcing me to take it -___- ]

you think i should have eggs, and a piece of toast with peanut butter on it? or would that just be empty calories/carbs
should i add yogurt from yoplait?

lunch is at roughly 12, so pretty good timing
i have again
-4 fish oil = 1.4grams
-peanut butter sandwich
-tuna/chicken sandwiched mixed
-chug my water downnnn :]
Bring yogurt or fruit? :open_mouth:

school ends 3:00 and i really dont know what to eat, i walk and get to gym by like 3:15-3:20. thanks xD

[quote]caboosegoboom wrote:
[ dads forcing me to take it -___- ]

…You have more than 1 dad? Hehehe…

Onto the subject at hand, add oatmeal and drop the cereal in your breakfast.