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Help Adding HCG to TRT

Hello Guys;

I just started adding HCG to my TRT and the first time I injected 250cc of HCG on my low T day, I got an Estradiol spike. I’m injection both HCG and T Cyp sub-q. My labs are in line with TT 1247 (348-1297)FT 21 (7.2 - 24) Estradiol 28 (< 39 pg/ml).

I’m injecting T Cyp .25ml E3D and was doing well on that dose prior to adding the HCG good libido etc. But as I mention, when I added the HCG and I got that estradiol spike. I countered it with .25 Anastrozole and was fine in a few days.

When the estradiol spike occurs does that mean that “I” created more testosterone and as a result my T levels went to high and therefore, I got the estradiol spike? If so, would I be better off lowering my T Cyp from .25ml to .20 ml and inject HCG at 250cc on my low day,or keeping my T at .25ml since I was doing good on that dose, prior to adding the HCG, and use a lower HCG dose?

My goal by adding the HCG is to increase size and volume, since I was on T alone for a while.

I realize dialing an individual has many variables, but I would appreciate any insight so I can have the best chance of dialing in my dose.

I appreciate any advice you guys can offer.


How often do you plan on injecting HCG and how much ?

Hcg mimics LH and stimulates the testis to produce T, which can add to what you are injecting
and push the T–>e2 conversion. On some guys, the new T they produce is aromatized intra
testiculalrly and this is an environment that AI’s have no effect on. E2 driven from that point
vs adipose based aromatase can be problematic.

If you are just looking to firm up the boys you should try to find the least amount of Hcg that is effective.
I am 44, have two children and a snip so I don’t care about fertility. I inject 250iu Hcg only when the
boys ache or start to get soft. Usually I’m good with that dose every 14-21 days.

Good Luck.