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Help Add Lower Body Day to WSFSB

Hey guys, im now in my third week into the Westside for Skinny Bastards routine and i think its great. Since im not playing any sports anymore though now that im out of high school I was hoping to add another lower body day. I went through pages on the search function to try and find an extra lower body day to fit thewsfsb template but with no luck.

Would I just repeat another ME lower body day? I was hoping to find a dynamic effort type workout to complement the ME workout similiar to the upper body days in WSFSB. I hope this question makes sense and someone can help me. thank you. If you need anymore information to help me please ask.

Seeing as your a beginner is just do an RE day like that of the upper just pick exercises for lower in the place use the same format etc,

Or on off days do GPP stuff, drag sleds flip tired sprints etc etc all goal dependent


ok cool i was thinking about doing that i just wanted validation from some people more knowledgable than me.

when picking excercises and sets/reps should i stick with the choices from the ME lower body day? i.e. keep the unilateral movement, posterior chain movement etc. but only use different excercises than i used earlier in the week?

also if it helps to explain my situation, although i am far from experienced i do have about 3.5 months of lifting under my belt on the total body training routine recommended in the beginners section so that i could get a relatively solid base(for a skinny bastard like me). thanks for the help again

edit: im sorry re-reading your post i think i misunderstood you. Do you mean stick with the format of the RE upper body day? but use lower body excercises from the ME lower body day? sorry for the confusion

check out that variation. Good example of how to incorporate an extra lower body day

DeFranco outlined a sample RE lower day in one of his Q&A’s…

Here�??s a sample Repetition Lower Body template:

NOTE: Choose exercises from the list that you DIDN�??T perform on your 1st lower body day.

A. Unilateral Movement - Perform 3 sets of 15 reps each leg
*Choose from the following list of exercises:
Single leg squats, back leg elevated
Barbell step-ups with knee lift
Barbell reverse lunges
Barbell reverse lunges, front foot elevated
Barbell reverse lunges, front foot elevated (with knee lift)
Low-pulley split squats, front foot elevated
Walking lunges
�??Speed-skater�?? squats (1 and a half rep single leg squats)
Barbell step-ups

B. Posterior Chain / Hamstring movement �?? Perform 3-4 sets of 10-15 reps for TWO of the following exercises:
Glute-ham raises
Reverse hyperextensions
Seated or standing good mornings
Leg curls
Romanian deadlifts
Stability ball hamstring lifts

C. Weak Point Training �?? Perform 1 exercise for 3-5 sets of a lagging body part

You can also perform a DE day. This is what my dynamic lower body day consists of:

A. Broad jumps- I do these for max distance with plenty of rest, 5 sets of 6
B. Dynamic deadlifts- 8-10 x 2-3
C. Single-leg RDL’s- 3 x 10-15
D. Backwards sled drags, as heavy as I can for as long as I can.

thanks so much guys yall have helped me out alot.