Help about 1-6 principle

HI i was wondering if anyone tried this program? I always thought that training over 90% intensity(1-3 reps) for more than 3 weeks is bad. Would this program be overtraining? Please help.

I like training close to my 1 RM, but this program didn’t work well for me. I think it states that you’ll get stronger on the sets of six after those heavy singles. Never happened for me.

It didn’t work for me either.

However, it did inspire me to something
which does work for me on certain exercises,
particularly leg extensions and leg curls.

Now, if I just go right to the working
set with these exercises, my performance
is pathetic. Perhaps because the movements
are so unnatural.

However, it’s worked great to have a couple of super light warmup
sets (20-25% 1RM, 10 reps, quick negatives,
1 minute rest inbetween) followed by singles
starting about 50% 1RM and going up to about
90% 1RM, 20 seconds rest between them except
for perhaps the last one needing 40 seconds.
Then I take 2 minutes rest before the actual
working set.

Doing all those singles with pyramiding weights
results in much better performance in my
working sets, on these exercises. However
on exercises more “natural” for me, I don’t need warmups like that.