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Help a Tall Guy Get Bigger


diet has been chit last 2 years and ive been back in gym month in half since a year from a shoulder injury
My diet will be as follows

5 eggs, cup of oats,


Bananna, protein Shake


Chicken breast, cup rice, broccoli


Cottage cheese, Almonds


Same as lunch

Night snack:

Protein Shake with peanut butter


3200k calories


As is often the case, it is likely that your diet has been the problem, rather than your training. People get big doing all kinds of routines. I don’t see anything particularly wrong with what you’re doing that it would preclude progress.

Another common thing is it’s already come out that your “5 years” includes a prolonged break from training and a prolonged period of a shitty diet. The answers to “why isn’t my progress very good?” are usually really obvious if you look. The single most important thing in this game is consistency. Show up and keep working. Your problem is simply that you haven’t put in enough consistent work yet.


So you’ve been eating like shit for 2 years, and haven’t trained for a year? I think we have found the cuplrit.

Also, taking a whole year off for a shoulder injury is fucking lame. There is still a lot of your body you could train.


It is pretty fucking lame, but its time to stop being lame. No time like the present.


Exactly. OP, the good news is we now have an explanation for why, after 5 years, you look like you do. I call the news ‘good’ because it indicates you’re not some sort of unfortunate outlier who, by dint of poor genetics and/or subpar hormonal milieu, is an incredibly hard gainer.

The bad news is that, given the painfully obvious inadequacy of your training history, you were still oblivious enough to feel the need to create this post. That indicates really poor insight on your part. I say this not as a dig, but in the hope that pointing it out will help you have better insight going forward.


I can agree with that. I think the br00tal truth is a good motivator. Thanks for the honesty yall.


Good points being covered and if youre here for good and are going to be disciplined and consistent, youll have no problem working towards achieving your goals

Keep that diet consistant for a few weeks and take note of your weight and visually how your appearance is tendering over say… 3 weeks
Adjust your calories towards whatever goal youre trying to achieve (add or subtract)

If youre enjoying 5x5 then by all means continue but eventually youll plateau, so in the interim educate yourself with the absolute abundance of great programs at your disposal through the tnation website and forums, pick one that peaks your interest and go nuts with it.
Also worth while jumping over to the training log sub forum and starting one up.
Its a great tool to hold yourself accountable towards your goals :pray:


Just a 2 month update…


Edit: your updated pic is close up, threw me off. You’ve probably made slight progress, but, you’ve added fat. Your real problem is lack of muscle though. You literally have none. Eat clean and lift effectively. This shit is not that hard. Consistency.

One thing I didnt see touched on is movement quality. I see so many novices lifting too heavy (you are a novice) rendering all work in the gym nearly useless because the target muscles are not utilized in the manner the movement was intended.

I bet this is you too!

Strip some weight, slow your eccentrics down to a minimum 2-3s and explosive consentric.

Really focus on the movement. Do it right. Get the lift out of the joints (lifting too heavy) and into the muscle. Do some reading on mind muscle connection. It is a game changer.

Many people spin wheels early on, so dont feel bad about it. Looks like you’re moving in the right direction. Add this piece and watch, you’ll take it to another level.


Down 10lbs. Can i get an estimate bf % ?


Body fat is higher than you want to hear. What happened? In May you wanted to get bigger. You were even talking about using Test E. You apparently bulked for three whole weeks and gave us a progress pic in June. Here you are in Jul showing us that you cut weight.

You’re not going to get where you want to be by cutting! Eat, get bigger, get fatter ( not a huge deal), and get stronger.

You were 6’ 3" at 209 when this thread started. I don’t know how much you gained between May and June so I don’t know what “down 10 lbs” will put you at. It doesn’t matter. If you want to look like you lift then you need to gain weight.

I’m currently 240 lbs and I’m 6’ 4" (according to my last physical). I might make you look skinny but I’m not even big. Commit to the process of growing. I’m on my way to 260 lbs before I consider cutting back again. We’ll probably have a T-ransformation challenge again next year. The last two have started on Jan 1 and run through June. I suggest bulking until the end of the year and then enter the challenge and cut if you want. That’s what I’ll be doing.


Good point. I figured id cut some fat first and start a bulk at a lower body fat since my last progress pic i got feedback that i gained fat lol. I guess its expected to happen.


It’s inevitable. Here’s how fat storage works in a nut shell.

Your body has fat cells. They shrink when you lose fat but they never disappear. They just hang out “deflated”. When you start to gain weight you’ll add a little fat even with a clean bulk. You’ll fill those fat cells first. If you keep gaining fat then you’ll produce more fat cells.

If you decide to cut the fat then you’ll shrink those fat cells but they’ll still be there. If you gain again you’ll get fatter faster than before because it’s easier to fill a fat cell than it is to produce a new one.

The filling of these fat cells can happen quick because it’s the path of least resistance. Don’t let it bother you. The reason I tell you all of this is that you’re likely to see fat gain quickly when you bulk. Don’t worry. If you do a responsible bulk then hopefully you can stick with filling your current fat cells instead of creating new ones.

Trust that this is a process. Some of the best physiques out there were once power lifters i.e. big, fat strong guys. Once they crossed into bodybuilding they revealed massive amounts of muscle.


did you start lifting weights yet? You literally look like you never have, this thread is baffling.


Lol sure doesnt fucking look like it


In high school when I started lifting I was fortunate enough to be 183 lbs as a sophomore (10th grade). By the end of my junior year I thought I had some muscles and I weighed about 204 lbs. I put on 18ish pounds over the summer by training 6 days a week, working full time for my dad’s landscaping company, and playing about 70 baseball games. People didn’t start to notice me until I hit that 220 mark. That was where I started look like I lifted.

I also ate like crap do gain that weight because I was young and broke. My post workout meal was usually three Jr Bacon Cheeseburgers from Wendy’s that I’d eat on the way to a baseball double header. After the game I might hit up the McDonald’s drive thru on the way home (at like 11pm) or split a 6 pack with my buddy as we drove home. I didn’t have abs and I didn’t care.


Based on my photo, height and weight, what do you think i could realistically bulk to? 220? 230? Im currently 199 at 6ft 3in. I made another thread too with more updated pics in beginner section.


I can’t find your other posts. I checked your user activity and the only stuff you’ve posted appears to be in this thread.

You could get to 230 or more if you wanted to put in the work. That’s not a short term goal though. You could aim to gain 2-4 lbs per month and that’d put you at 223-247 in a year. It’s possible if you’re disciplined with your food and put in the work.


Here’s a link to my training log where I posted my pics from January 1st and May 30th of this year. I’m 6’ 4" and 33 years old. I gained 18 lbs in that time frame. I’m still gaining now and hoping to add another 15-20 lbs this year alone. Will it all be muscle? No. But I will add muscle mass to my frame. I will also get stronger. I’m committed to it. I can cut the fat when I get there.

You can gain weight.