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Help a Tall Guy Get Bigger


Ive been lifting for 5 years now. Gained 35lbs and it still barely lools like i even lift especially in my chest. Im 6ft 3in tall and weigh 209lbs. Probably 15% bf. I can diet pretty well to whatever goal i want, but it takes me super long to pack on any muscle to my frame even doing compound lifts. Ive decided im going to start pinning 500 wk of Test E for 12wks and do more cycles after. Looking at my pic, what size do you think im capable of getting after a year or two…

Bulk or Body Recomp?

I think you should get to a decent level of muscle before looking at drugs. You’re really just pissing money away otherwise.


Something is off with your training or nutrition.

Drugs will not fix that.


How do you train & how much are you eating in a day?


Mate, I’m 6 ft 2, been back training 6 months on a calorie deficit and I’m bigger than you. There must be something off with your diet and/or nutrition. You want to get both those things down and build a decent base before you even start to consider the next step.


You’ll still be skinny fat with Test. Know a ton of guys who use PEDs that still look like shit and are weak. What’re your current lifts like, training split, and eating like?


that’s really fucking stupid. I hope you aren’t set on this idea. you don’t look like you’ve ever set foot in a gym.

couldn’t have said it better than this myself. If THIS is what you’ve achieved after 5 years in the gym, you’re not going to see results from drugs either. You’re clearly fucking up in the kitchen AND in the weight room.

Your best bet is to share a whole lot more about your training history, bodyweight history, diet history, and particularly what you have done in the last 6 months, and what progress you have made during that time.


^Perhaps tough to hear. But it’s spot-on, OP.


So, no test it is. It sucks cuz ive already gained 35lbs, but it doesn’t look like it.

On a different note, think i could do a bulk to 225 and be alright?


People put on weight on in different ways. There is no way to give you a definitive answer.

In your specific case, if you continue down the track you are going, I doubt you’ll look much better at 225lbs (sorry).

Post what you are currently doing training, nutrition and recovery wise plus a little bit of your history. I don’t want to see the perfect plan that you only ever half execute - what went in your mouth, what you did at the gym/elsewhere, how you sleep, etc.


What do you mean by “be alright”?

I’m 6’ 5" and weigh 240 right now. I was 220 back in December. I’m going to have to go over 250 to get the physique I want.

I graduated high school at 220 and kind of looked like I lifted.

Eat more and keep training. I’m all for you using some test and whatever else tickles your fancy but you’re short changing yourself if you don’t build a foundation first.

I think you have two options.

  1. work hard to develop a respectable physique and then add test and blow everyone away


  1. use test now to develop a meh physique and have nowhere to go from there


No, not really. If by bulk you mean eat a lot with the same development you have now.


joking aside I can probably gather that you are one of those people that dont like being uncomfortable and dont push themselves hard enough… There are people like this in every gym that bench 50kg every week for years and look the exact same…


I don’t really care who you are, or what your diet looks like, lifting for 5 years should yield more significant results than shown.

This probably won’t be a popular answer, but I don’t really want/need any details to give you a solid foundation of advice.

Quit everything you’re doing. Focus on the big compound movements. Bench Press, Squat, Deadlift, Overhead Press, work your way up to pull ups. Spend the next 6 months dialing in the form, get it perfect. Eat like hell. And put the work in. Don’t quit because you’re tired. Or don’t feel like it. Or had a long day at work. Just get in. Get it done. Get out.

After those 6 months are up worry about the rest of the niche details. You need a solid foundation no matter where you plan on taking it.


You are much, much too fat. If it were me I would fix that first.


Thanks for all the honest feedback. My routine is a 5×5 right now. I did take a year off from a shoulder injury last year, so im hoping things go well.


So what is your current program at the moment (5x5 yes, but what are you doing within), and accurate diet (atleast showing what you consistently eat)… ?


I do not necessarily agree with @chaoshander’s post above (and I say this as a guy who personally trains almost exclusively in the big compound lifts) that you must quit everything you’re doing and focus on the big compound lifts. That is a lazy and dogmatic perspective, and simply ignores the fact that many people build large and impressive physiques on a wide variety of training programs.

If your primary goal is adding size, there are many ways to achieve this goal, not all of which require big compound lifts and big weights. @EyeDentist has written some nice stuff previously about how to get the most bang for your buck in trying to add size as a tall guy.

I think more details would be helpful.


Don’t misinterpret me, I totally agree, barbell work generally is not only not necessary, but I’d argue not the best for size either. However I think setting up the foundation and movement patterns will go a lot farther than diving into some pure hypertrophy based program from the “start”.

If you can do the compound lifts, you can do just about anything, and it would help pull him away from developing imbalances. Like I said, in 6 months I’d absolutely reevaluate the regimine and start aiming towards a goal (size I assume). Hell, I’d recommend it, barbells have done some damage to me with consistent use.

My belief isn’t the only one though, that’s the fun of lifting weights I suppose.



Db bench: 55lbs 5x5
Bent over Rows 125 5×5
Incline db flys 3x10
Wide grip lat pulldown 125 5×5
Incline db bench 55 5×5
Low cable rows 125 5×2
Cable cross overs 4×6


Squats 5×5 210lbs
Military Press 110lbs 5×5
Leg press 4x6
Lateral db raise 3x10
Db shoulder press 4×6
Leg extensions 3x10
Front db raises 3x10


Incline bb bench 125lbs 5x5
Db rows 80 5x5
Flat bench db bench 5x5 60lbs
Close grip palm face lat pull downs 5×5
Close grip bench 5×5
Barbell curl 5x5 85lbs
Tricep pulldowns 4x8