Help a Newbie

Hi Guys,

I’m a complete newbie to the world of androgens and steriods. I know that eventually I am going to cycle. Though, not for a few years (at least 5).

But that is something I definitely do not want to go into unprepared. I am not asking for anyone to build me a cycle or anything of the such. But what I am asking for is references.

There is a LOT of information on the web, but that same information can cause someone to be misinformed.

What websites and books would you reccomend for someone who is interested in juice cycling. Any articles on T-mag that you can think of inparticular? What are some cycles that you/others have used successfully?

My main concern is where do I get GOOD, information, not some shit that’s going to screw me down the line.

Thanks for any help you can give me. You guy’s always say, “Do your research”, well I’m trying to…so don’t flame me. :slight_smile:

Again, thanks in advanced.


Go to the top of the home page and click on search. Then type in steroids. Excellent articles by Chris Shugart and Cy Wilson. Everything in there is good. Check out Steriods for Dummies and Steroids for Health.

And search the forums for the steroid newbie thread. Lots of good info in that thread.

Thanks a lot guys!