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Help a New Guy, Program Review?



Just joined T Nation and was wondering if anyone could evaluate my program.
I train chest, shoulders triceps, then back biceps.

Sun: Standing press 531 style
Incline press 4x8
Weighted dips 4x5
Tricep extensions w/ rope 3x12

Tue: Deadlift 531
Chins: 4x8
Variation of rows 4x8
Barbell curls/ Hammer curls 4x10

Thurs: Bench press 531
Weighted dips 4x5/ DB press 4x10
Rope extensions 3x12
Lateral raises 4x12

Fri: Squat 531
Leg press 3x12-15
Chins 4x8
Rowing variation 4x8
DB/Hammer curls 5x12

Currently at around 78kg at about 6ft, so a long way to go.

Mostly want to get stronger in the main lifts. At the moment, my lifts are (1RMs):

120kg deadlift
110kg squat
75kg bench
55kg Standing press


Ok...you're doing
delts and triceps
back and biceps
quads (no hamstrings here) and biceps.

You're hitting triceps and biceps 2x as much as legs, only have a couple lifts that hit your chest at all, and have minimal hamstring work. Those are the obvious problems to me.

I don't have time to write how I would restructure it right now. I'll try to remember to come back later.


Try this: http://velocity.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding/cephalic_carnage_how_do_you_train?pageNo=15


He's got deadlifts and squats in there, I wouldn't call that minimal hamstring work as long as his form is good. I do agree that he could do with some additional hamstring work though. As far as chest work, he's got incline and bench press; OP, might be worth doing some DBs instead of or in addition to your current chest movements.

Looks pretty good on the whole IMO.


If you're worried about getting stronger at the main lifts then do them and variations of them. Instead of inclines do floor or board presses, rack pulls, box squats.



On my deadlift and squat days i usually have an assiatnce like leg press or leg curl, just only when im not trashed after that session.


you feel trashed from 5/3/1 style squat and DL workouts? So trashed that you cant do any more accessory lifts for those muscle groups?


definitely need some more hamstring work... add in some band leg curls/regular leg curls or a hip-extension movement for hammies, like SLDLs.


Also, does strength necessarily mean size? If my deadlift goes up to 160kg (which i hope it will by the summer) will my hams and back be bigger?


Depends how much you deadlift now. Simply put, getting significantly stronger usually means getting bigger and vice versa.

EDIT: Sorry, just saw your OP; you could potentially get another 40kgs on your dead just from form improvements and beginners' gains. As such, you may get to 160 fairly quickly with not an awful lot of size gain - however, if you target 200kgs, you can pretty much guarantee you'll get bigger along the way. Make sure you're eating well!