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Help a Guy Eat!


I am 19, 6'0, 190 lbs, and an educated guess of about 11% body fat. This is a prospective nutrition plan I'm thinking of following. I'm looking to either maintain my weight or gain muscle and not too interested in inhaling carbs to "bulk." If I gain weight, fine, if I maintain, fine. I am a vegetarian so that screws me over in terms of saturated fat and meat and crap.

I really need some help on what to eat on non-workout days since my caloric intake is low and I can't eat meat but help is appreciated in any form.

Also, I'm at college so I can't prepare stuff for myself so I must work with what we have in the cafeteria and in my dorm. If it matters, I'm on Waterbury's TBT plan. Here's what I intake on an average workout and rest day. Thanks for the help!

Workout Day
Breakfast (10:30): 6 egg whites, 2 pieces of wheat bread, bowl of spinach, bowl of oatmeal or granola, fish oil, water.

Snack (about 11:15): apple, maybe some nuts.

Lunch (about 12:30): 32g protein bar, spinach, fish oil, water.

Pre-workout (about 2:15): 88g rice, 22g whey protein, water. Creatine 30 min after with some juice.

Workout (3:15-4): 2 scoops of Surge, water.

Right after workout (about 4): last of Surge, water.

30 min after workout (4:30) : Creatine with juice, fish oil.

1 hr later (5:30) : 2 scoops of Surge.

Dinner (6:15): 500 cal: 30g protein, 60g carbs (meal from PN)

Snack (9:15): 6 egg whites, fish oil, Greens plus, water.

Between snack and bed-time: snack on nuts.

Bed-time: 2 scoops of Metabolic Drive, fish oil.

Non-Workout Day
Breakfast (10:30): 6 egg whites, 2 pieces of wheat bread, bowl of spinach, bowl of oatmeal or granola, fish oil, water. Creatine with juice.

Snack (about 11:15): apple, maybe some nuts.

Lunch (about 12:30): 32g protein bar, fish oil, Greens plus, water.

Snack (about 2:15): Creatine with some juice.

Snack (4): 44g whey protein drink, fish oil, Greens plus. Creatine with juice.

Snack (5:30): fish oil

Dinner (7): spinach salad, 2-3 slices of cheese, piece of wheat bread, water.

Snack (9:15): 6 egg whites, Greens plus, fish oil, water.

Between snack and bed-time: snack on nuts.

Bed-time: 2 scoops of Metabolic Drive, fish oil..


I might have missed it, but if you haven't, you may want to cut people here a bit of slack and do some more of the work.

For example, what are the macronutrient totals on days you lift versus days you don't?

Anyway, sorry if it's there... but I saw the word vegetarian and just started skimming.


Since you're obviously not a strict vegan, would fish fit into your meal plan?


Good question but . . . no, I'm just taking the fish oil since I understand it's definitely worth using.


I honestly haven't figured that stuff out myself and I'm not expecting anyone to do so for me. I'm not going to count my meals down to the last gram but am just looking for the best possible diet in accordance with my goals. I am just seeing what those more experiencd have to say about my plan.


Add some beans & rice. I beleive that together they form a complete and clean protein.

I've been relying on it as a staple for some time without ill effect. (except gas...but that's another story)


What about milk? You are eating some rice, but I would eat beans too.


Step #1) Buy calipers, calculator, and crunch some numbers.

Step #2) Buy a cow

Step #3) Slaughter it

Step #4) Eat it

Oh yeah, and pick a goal so you have something to work towards


Got something against an egg yolk? Is it brown rice or white rice? Is 88g the weight of the uncooked rice or the amount of carbs in the serving of rice? Something saying you can't eat more eggs in a day?


I don't know your portion sizes but all you have to do is eat more. You say you don't want to 'inhale carbs' well what the hell is going to increae your caloric intake? You must consume more food and the easiest way is through carbohydrates. Especially since you're vegeterian, which makes adding fat or protein an ass-raping.

There are so many good grains and fruit out there and you, of all people, being a veg, should know about them. Carbs protect your protein by serving as the easiest fuel, it's that simple. Get your petrolium and quit bitching.


I have my goal actually. Just not there yet. That's where my diet comes in.


How many egg yolks are beneficial per # of egg whites? It is white rice (prolly should switch to brown and I will ASAP). I assume 88g is the carbs of the rice in the serving (I just read it off the nutrition label). And I guess I can steal more eggs from the cafeteria . . . good points!


By inhaling carbs I just mean that some people eat and eat without caring about body fat at all. I know it will have to rise, but I just don't want more than necessary amount of carbs. Grains? I'm eating em everyday. Fruits? I have some with almost every meal which also includes vegetables. And I'm not trying to come off as "bitching" but am just trying to learn how to improve my diet.


any specific type of beans specifically?


I usually go for a 1:1 ratio of yolks:whites.

Works great that way since 99% of the time there is 1 yolk and 1 white per egg.


If you want to maintain than don't change anything but if you want to increase muscle mass there will inevitably be an increase in the amount of fat you carry. You don't have to become a fat slob but don't expect to gain while being very lean, it's practically impossible.

Your food choices are fine, just eat more. I don't understand how else do you want to improve your diet if you're dependant on a cafeteria?

Are you just consuming two scoops of grow with water? Add some fruit and yogurt. If you eat 'bare' protein it'll just get used up for energy and not serve it's purpose. Why waste it?


I have access to Safeway and Whole Foods since I go to school in a city (DC). "Bare" protein will get used up as energy? well, I'll add some yogurt and maybe peanut butter if thats a good choice. But, about adding carbs to my diet . . . you don't mean just eat pretzels and snack foods with high carbs in it right? Or maybe I still don't understand. Good tips!


If you're hungry and pretzels are the only thing there...make the connection. Basically just make sure you always have a healthy snack with you. It doesn't have to be cake or something made of white flour to have those extra calories. Some apples or bananas and a ziplock baggie with walnuts, pb&j sandwich, some yogurt with berries and grains, fruit salad w/honey - these all can make a big difference. There are scads of ways to prepare your own snacks.

As someone in pursuit of muscle your job is to convince your body that food is always available and abundant, even if that's not really the case. You do that by not letting yourself get hungry between the big meals(breakfast, lunch and dinner). And that's where the snacks are irreplaceable for adding extra caloric density to your diet. Sometimes you feel less hungry than others because you had a bigger breakfast or whatever... But the point is that when you do get hungry - it's there.
Of course yet another point is that when it's there you'll most likely end up eating it. All for the good, you see.

So I would say keep making the healthy choices but don't get caught in a situation where you get hungry and are forced to wait for dinner to get something to eat. Plan ahead if you're so worried about eating the occasional fast food but keep in mind that it's better to have a cheat meal than not have anything.