Help a fellow T-Man have a good trip to Europe

I’m leaving for Amsterdam tomorrow, where I will spend a few days doing some soul-searching-type activities. After that, we are going to travel through Europe to Spain, France, Belgium, etc. Any European travelers with some last-minute advice, please post. Perhaps you could recommend a friendly pharmacy, or a nice gym (I hear there aren’t many), or tips on how to not let my body fall apart during this 18 day trip. Thanks-Rosheem.

I would surely want to acquire the 50 mg Primo tablets which are (or were) available there at a very reasonable price. I would not even think of carrying them back on the plane, however!

(BTW, that same thought applies to plane travel within the US. It is way too risky – you and your baggage are far too likely to be searched.)

not body bulding related, but here’s something i live by when i travel. don’t travel as an american…what does that mean? don’t be an ugly tourist, especially in france. the first thing i do when i go in a store or restaurant is apologize for not speaking - whatever - and ask politely if they have anyone who can help you in english. it puts you on the right foot and they are much more willing/likely to help you out!!! and hey, if you’re still there on june 2,3 i’ll be in belguim at a rugby tournament! stop by!!!

Amen Michelle! I learned to say “Excuse me I’m a stupid American” in Italian. That really helped. It’ll at least get you a smile, and put aside the arrogant American image. That kinda helps when you can’t speak the language or read any of the damn signs!!

Michelle, Bruscar, you two have just become my favorite forum people (sorry Bodz!). I live in Japan, and while I’ve been here long enough to pick up the language, it never ceases to amaze me how many Americans get over here and are indignant that they can’t communicate in English. There was one woman who actually wrote into a local magazine complaining about the cab drivers who “pretend not to understand” her! Can you imagine the gall?!? Sheesh! (Okay, I’m breathing into a brown paper bag now…) Anyway, Michelle, if you ever get out this way for soccer, look me up babe! I know I’m probably twice your age, but we could make beautiful music together! (Bruscar, my man, you’re just not my type… LOL!)

I’m sorry, but I have to disagree with the “I’m a stupid American” nonsense, especially with those annoying French crybabies. If the idiot French cart salesman in front of the Arch d’ Triunf is charging me idiot American prices ($7 USD for a can of Pepsi–knowing full well that the purity of their public water supply can’t be trusted), I expect him to speak English to me. We got them out of enough trouble in WWI and WWII, so I expect them to speak our language (just as a nice way of saying thanks).

Bill, did you mean the Primo tabs were available in the pharmacies in Amsterdam?

you’re kidding right??? give me a break! you’re in THEIR country! if some one from … say … russia … came here and approached you and said - in russian - i’m in your country but you should speak russian to me you’d give them a dirty look and ignore them right? i mean come ON. if you are travelling it is YOUR responsibility to make the effort, not their responsibility to figure out how to help you!!! incidently, when i was in holland last time i very politely asked a bus driver to help me get to my destination. he didn’t understand english and had two passengers try to help me. that is 3 complete strangers on a stopped bus trying to help me with my problem. they all tried very hard to get me where i was going. you can BET if i had indignantly demanded that they speak english and do something for me i would have been ignored. as for the WWI and WWII shit, unless you were in the war give it a rest, it has nothing to do with you.

If you can get to it, the best gym is just outside of Amsterdam, 4 KM outside in a place called Amstelveen, called AllSports, it has a huge gym, used by the Dutch Olimpic Athletes, and a Big Naked Sauna and Jacuzzi area, usually full of cute dutch chicks. All jacuzzi/Sauna facilitys are mixed, so Men and women get changed together at this GYM.
If You want to stay in the center of Amsterdam you can go to the Sports Fitness Centrum, 500m just past dam square on the left of the road. Its small but full of hardcore trainers.
Tips : Don’t make any deals or talk to any drug pushers, all they sell is crap, and rip everybody off. Best Coffie Shop is the Green House, has the best weed. A good night club is Escape.
Hope that helps!, oh and if you like the Amsterdam Girls, a good one (" Urr… So people tell me!") is Martina!

Don’t know if you will get this before you leave – but the gym I go to in Amsterdam is Splash. Works for me.

“H”, yes, I meant Primo 50 mg tabs being available in Dutch pharmacies. Perhaps that is no longer true, but it was so relatively recently, and at excellent prices.

This may be a stupid question. So Bill, this means that you can buy primo and other steroids OTC in Amsterdam?
Is this for all countries and cities in Europe?

Steriods are just as available in Amsterdam and they are in the USA, and you need a prescription to pick them up, that is the same for much of europe, however in eastern europe countries, like Russia, Bulgaria, etc you can generaly walk in and buy over the counter like in mexico, Greece is also like this.
However most EU counties have the same drug policy as in the US.

Ron, You certainly can’t get them OTC in the UK without a prescription. As for Amsterdam I don’t know. Anybody?

I was talking to someone from Amsterdam the other night and he said that EVERYTHING is illegal over there except, of course, marijuana. Even Melatonin is illegal and he actually told me that doctors prescribe marijuana in preference to melatonin for sleep disorders. I have to wonder if he was playing with me there, but the underlying factor is that steroids are prescription only in Amsterdam. Sorry.

I was living in Amsterdam from 1997 - July 2000
Melatonin is not illegal in Amsterdam, you can buy it over the counter, I used to take it all the time. Amsterdam does have more relaxed laws towards most things including crime, weed, sex. A Dutch prison is said to be more like a Hotel than a prison.

Actually, cannabis is illegal in Holland! It is just tolerated. That is why the coffe-shops hide their “menys”! Steroids are not too hard to get, but I suspect that you can easily get fake stuff, as with the rec. drugs(not cannabis)! The best place to score steroids that I know i Rodes in greece! First day I was there, Me and my gal were taking a walk during the siesta. And this guy comes out of the pharmacy and started to touch my biceps while saying: Ahhh a bodybouilder come in, special prices for bodybuilders,haha! This guy even had a boat coming with frensh and spanish stuff! Ha a fun experience! Prices are pretty good to 2-3 dollars per amp. of deca, testo and primo! Enjoy your trip!!!

Ok. I’ve been Pee-layed. Either that or he was fucked of his nut and didn’t know what he was saying or they’ve changed the laws recently. I stand down to Alex.