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Help a Fellow Beginner


Hi there guys
Ok lets start .Im 17 yo and i weight 64 kg and im thinking to do an 8 week cycle now i already know a lot about gear but i still love finding out new stuff and youre the right guys for this .
So my first problem is i have gyno ,now that shit is anoying af but lets face it i cant do anything about it for now .What im hoping for yall to give me advices abou what gear should i use for the first time ,how much ,how long and if im doing this im making shore that im gona eat right so what diet would you recomend . Now if ur planing to try and turn me down from this dont even comment . Im doing it but id like to do it right . Thank you all for all the help guy


Since your so determined to use I’m interested to see just how bad the damage will be once you are finished with this amazing plan. Dude your 17. Run, jump, squat and you’ll make more progress in 6 months then you think is possible


The answer is no. There is nothing you can use that will help. With gyno from puberty and you weigh 140 pounds? Bro listen. Don’t use anything. Learn to eat and train right. Come back to the idea when you are 27 and have put on about 30 pounds of decent weight. Medically speaking all you will do is fuck youself as your hormone levels are topped right now. Now if it’s a medical issue ( having pubertal gyno indicates either a you were vastly overweight at some point or b have a gonad issue) then you need to see an endo and seek treatment.


At 17 your natural testosterone is most likely sky high. Forget about gear until mid-20s.

For now, lift hard and eat animals.


yea i did used to weight 90 kg and then i lost shit ton of weight in half year by working out and cutting suggar out but shit those puffy nipples stayed . Im kind of suprised that you guys actually care… fuck it im going to take youre advices


Yea of course man. Take care of yourself.


now that were already talking let me ask you about protein shakes … which ones do you recomend the most and when is best to start taking them


hit me with all the advices you got .You might be suprised but im eager to learn as much as i can and youre kind of best source of information i have right now . I guess you got the expirience that i need.
and thank you


Actually I really like metabolic drive from biotest right here. And no I’m not paid by them :slight_smile: although perhaps I should be :slight_smile: haha. I would just eat man. Five to six meals a day and don’t worry tons about Marcos. You know what healthy food is. If it’s real and grown or flies or runs or swims you should eat it.


Who is this Marco you speak of? And does he have dbol? Or perhaps a white powdery substance


Hahaha ohhhhhh called out on the typo. Macro even


Lol!! that was a good one.


GMP certified whey (not just “manufactured in a GMP certified factory”) to make sure its not just fancy-sounding chemicals and filler.