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Help a Fat Guy Out


i am about 275lbs. i am also about 5'5" and i have been trying to lose my weight but dont know how to do it. I mainly eat anything that bleeds. chicken, steak, fish. i dont drink soda. i dont eat sugar often but occasionally. i dont eat out a lot. i do lift my ass off. i get worried about doing cardio sometimes becuause i dont want to lose my muscle because i know maintaining it helps burn calories.

i have been lifting for 3 years. i have lost about 28lbs. of fat without doing much cardio. i am sure i have not lost muscle because my diet was nothing but tuna 3 times a day and 2 snacks in between. i do believe i have the willpower. i just need help on what to do.

i was at about a size 54 waist before i started training. when i began i got down to a size 42 waist and thats where i have still been. i am having a hard time with dieting and i will take any help i can get.


I know that this is the wrong site for this particular kind of advice....but I would recommend going off the atkins diet, and focus and starch's and complex carbs. Look for subject matter relating to this. Trust me, a diet rich in carbs is a great way to successfully loose weight and keep it off. I have nothing against the Atkins diet, I am just voicing a tiny opinion.


MODOK has good advice. You said for your diet you eat anything that bleeds... you should DEFINITLY have fruits and vegetables in there, mainly fiberous veggies. Spinach and broccoli are great.


can appetite blocker supplements help me stick with my goals? i already take a multivitamin, liver support, omgega-3, and amino acids. i am able to do the cardio. i have played football for about 8 years. what type of cardio do you recommend? my 40yard dash is at about 6.0-6.1 and i can run a lap at about 1:26. i can also do a mile under 7 minutes. do you think its a better idea gradually making cardio more difficult?


If you are looking for ways to burn some calories without hamstering away on the treadmill here are a couple of T-Nation articles that I would recommend.



I have personally had pretty good success with this sort of routine. I personally think that this sort of thing works better than low intensity cardio, but that's just me.


Try HOT-ROX, and the T-Dawg 2 diet.

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I've had great success with the T-Dawg diet w/ a good training program.

You really need to not worry about losing LBM. I was much like you, close to 300 and didnt want to push it too hard for fear of losing muscle. I wasted a good year at the gym before I found T-Nation and a good diet/training program, after that the pounds fell off rather quickly.

Best of luck and please keep up posted on your progress!


Well, I have been eating right and working out like a madman. Ive been doing the extra cardio for a while now and I'm at 268 right now. Dont know what im doing but i havent applied anything special except taking omega-3 pills, a multivitamin and amino acids.


YOu've made a start. What does your training look like?


How long has it been since you lost the weight?

I only ask because you may need to stay at your new weight for a while before losing more weight so your body can adjust.

Maybe trying to maintain where you're at right now will help you to lose more fat later.


ive been at 268 since of 4/4/06. my workouts are benching, squatting, deadlifting and anything else i need to work on to strengthen those lifts.


by the way, very good job. you are on the right track, you just need to tweak some stuff, and start adding cardio intelligently. don't go hog wild, but be determined.


What does your energy system work aka cardio look like?


I completely (but respectfully) disagree with this statement. You don't HAVE to do cardio to lose weight. Not to say cardio doesn't have it's place only to say it's not essential for fat loss.

I've lost 25 lbs (30 fat lbs with a gain of 5 lbm lbs) since mid January and can count on one hand the number of times I've "gone for a jog" or stepped on a treadmill. Hell, with the cold and wetness (I live near Seattle) I haven't even jumped on the bike yet or gone golfing.


Couple observations.

First off--unless your chest is 70" I doubt seriously that you have a true waist measurment of 42" at 270lbs and 5'5". I only bring this up to take an honest look at your situation.

Second--you may want to modify this workout especially if cardio is not in your plans. I don't care what anyone says, this is not a fat loss/weight loss workout.

Third--screw the 'loss of muscle argument'. My unprofessional guess would be that you are carrying 70-90lbs of fat on you. Are you willing at this point to shave 10lbs of muscle to lose 50 lbs of fat. Your perception of your body seems skewed. You'll actually look bigger minus the weight/fat.


watch what you eat
time your meals

see a theme here. 90% of your plan has to revolve around diet. I applaud your progress, but given the time span and your goal of weight/fat loss, I'd say your diet is not very good. Training your ass off with a goal of weight loss should result in better progress. To me this says your diet is way out of whack. Keep a log. Don't forget the handful of m&m's, peanuts, glass of juice/milk, coffee w/cream&sugar.......
You are probably consuming more than you believe. Definately incorporate veggies and fruits. Fiber and phytochemicals are crucial to your plan.


I think it really depends on your body type, some people are more carb tolerant than others. In my case, pasta is just plain not allowed as it makes me gain weight like crazy, which is too bad because I make great spaghetti.