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Help a Broke Down Middle Aged Guy?


Without too much background, here's my question:

This summer I suffered from persistent knee pain over a couple months. Eventually I couldn't take it any more and went in for an MRI. The results were moderately-severe degeneration of the cartilage in my knee due to the family curse of Osteo Arthritis. It was recommended that I ditch the heavy lifting...especially for lower body.

Further advisements were no deeper than 1/4 squats with sets over 20 reps preferably. I figure I might as well just walk a stair machine with those recommendations. I'm not worried about losing strength so much in my lower body. Even when I wasn't lifting I was able to snap bottom brackets and chains on my mountain bike when standing and cranking hard. I am concerned about losing the overall training response and higher growth hormone/testosterone response to heavy leg training.

I've changed my training approach overall as a result; from heavy pyramid training to a template like such: one set of 20 / three sets of 15 / one set as heavy as I can for 5 reps.

I want to keep the muscle I have and lean down for less stress on the joints. I take regular fish oil gels every day [about 15gms] and protein shakes. That's about it for current supplementation. I also get 200mg injections of testosterone cypionate every other week for low T therapy through my MD.

So do you have any recommendations for me Christian??




Ok i'll bite.

1st off CT himself will stay wwaaayy clear of this due to the mentioned steroids, then your injuries. You just ticked all the boxes of posts he doesn't answer :smiley:

HIGHLY recommend you do the following:

1)Private Message BusidobadBoy re your injury ask for what you can do, the man is a walking talking encyclopaedia about everything.

2) Now honestly your "higher test levels" due to heavy lifting have been negated by the HRT your on so you can relax re that point to.

3) And finally either go to the Steroid Forum and hope Brook and Co help you, or PM KSMan re your HRT, they may have tit bits to help you... i could but they know ALOT more than me.

4) In regards to your training, that you will have to take an honest look at, whats wrong with training your upperbody hard ? All or nothing eh ?


Steroids?...So getting HRT through my MD is akin to taking steroids on this forum. They won't even let me have my own stuff and inject myself. I have to go in.

As far as my upper body, I do still train it hard...just using higher volume; which should help more with my weight loss goals too...I would think. I was basically looking for ideas of what the 'pros' prescribe for their clients lower body work, when they know they have bad knees. Maybe I didn't make myself clear enough.



Well your getting endogenous test through an outside source.... if he answered one question then everyone would say they were getting it via prescription :smiley:

As for higher volume helping with weight loss, its going to be 90% of your diet that will do the weight loss. ALl the reps in the world ain't going to outdo a Mc Donalds every day :slight_smile:


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Never heard of it...but looked it up and see nothing but veterinarian uses for this stuff. Is there some safety reason that I'm not seeing it for use in humans?