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Help a Brazilian Guy With Supplements


Hello all, im from brazil and i was wondering if u guys could help me out with supl.
First of all, i am having a good sleep, im feeding well and my training is doing great, but here in brazil we are very limited when it comes to supplements (especially price), so mostly wut i have access to is whey (mostly concentrate and still expensive, a 5lbs ON tube is around US$75), albumin (cheap, but taste awfull), dextrose, creatine, and some minor stuff(ZMA, HMB, NO2...)but no PH. So i'd like to know how do u guys would advice me to use wut i have access here? My objectives are hypertrophy basically.

Also if im using this forum in a wrong way, im sry and just let me know, im posting here cuz i here like some articles (which are lots).
PS: U can criticise my english as im learning it and am no expert.


I would just train hard and use the basics: Creatine, Recovery Drink, Glutamine and ZMA if you can get it. Use caffeine tablets as a stimulant.

Remember 'supplement' means to perfect the imperfect. If you have a great diet and training programme, you don't need any exotic supplements.

NO2 is also a complete waste of money.

Train Hard,



Where in Brazil do you live? Im currently studying in Brasilia on an exchange program. I goto UnB and studying portugese.


ZMA? Is that a good choice over whey and albumine? Whey is expensive, but i can afford some, in brazil we have some national brands which are cheaper, but doesnt have the same quality.(Note: Im drinking whey+dextrose in post-workout and right when i wake up. Is Pre-workout also a good choice?)

I live in Rib Preto, its close to Sao Paulo, the city pop is around 500k. I know UnB, im also a student and next year i hope to be in college (USP).


My opinion. Ranking of importance:

1) Reocovery Drink (whey and dextrose)
2) Multivitamin
3) Creatine
4) ZMA
5) Glutamine


E ai, rapaz! Eu sou americano, mas morei em Sao Paulo por dois anos (1997-1999). Nunca fui para Rio Preto. Que bom que esta como se disse lifting weights (halterofilismo?). Sera melhor faze-lo sem supplements. Eu comeria muito carne, ovos, quejo, galinha, e conmidas assim com proteina. Com trabalho duro e comida boa, poderia se tornar bem forte e grande. Faz muito tempo que no falo ou escrevo portugues. Desculpe-me pelos palvras erradas. Boa sorte!