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Help a Beginner!


I am 19 years old, 180cm, 73 kg. My training has so far mostly been focusing on making me as good at handball as possible. Lots of power cleans, snatches, deadlifts, squats, chins and dips. These kind of exercises have I been doing for about 3 years. So as you can see I have not been "building", but this pre-season I will be focusing on getting bigger.

Witch body parts should a work the most with initially? And please spare me an answer like "everything", be more specific.

Should I perform most of the exercises eccentrically? Supersets or regular ones? If you haven´t already noticed, I´m a total beginner in the bodybuilding world. So all constructive criticism is more than appreciated!

(English is not my mother tongue, so hopefully there is not to many misspellings and such).


There is only one pic, not sure if you will post more.

You wont like me for this but you look pretty proportionate so yes, I would just work on getting everything bigger overall. If you focus too much on something, it will affect your other bodyparts growth, most likely

You should perform most exercise with an explosive concentric and a controlled eccentric at a speed at which, if you wanted to, you could reverse the movement at any point during the eccentric phase (does that make sense to you?)

If you havent done much isolation exercises for say biceps, triceps, side/rear delts, starting to do this would probably be a good time


Really need to see your legs and back before determining what needs work. If your legs and back are legitimately on par with your chest/abs then you would be on the right track. Good for 19 years old at least.


Your upper body seems balanced but small,judging by your height and low weight iam guessing your legs are very thin,at your weight id concentrate one gaining weight overall and work everything equally,once youve gained a good amount of weight,say 40lbs to bring you to 200lbs from 160lbs,then try and access which bodyparts may be lagging behind.


If that's you in your display pic then should you really be giving anyone advice? The guy looks bigger than you too imho.


Tried to post all photos but havent succeed yet!.. They are coming


My legs.






Ok! I understand. But to be able to do both explosiv concentric and a controlled exentric movement, will most certain lead to lighter weights? That doesnt effect the result ?


True! My legs are small! My calves are even smaller... Genetics... But I squat 155 kg so I my legs arent as weak as they look!


Sorry, when I say explosive concentric I mean with the intention of pushing the bar as fast as possible. Obviously, if the weight is heavy, it wont travel fast. But you gotta have the intention for it to travel fast

As far as the eccentric is concerned well this will lead to lighter weight if you are currently not controlling it. Slower eccentric will have an effect on the result yes, a positive one


yes its me,its an old pic but i weigh 30lbs more than him,co i think i can give him advice.


Tbh, why would anyone use a picture of themselves where they look less good than they currently do? It'd be like a fat guy dieting down so he had a six pack and still using a pic of when he was fat as his display pic. And don't say "well I don't care about my display pic anyway" 'cause if you didn't you wouldn't of put one up.


Because i dont have any current pic's of myself,its the only pic i could find,my friend photoshopped me green and thought it was funny,i shall be getting some pics done when i gain 10 more lbs,and this thread is not about me,its called help a beginner,which i was trying to do,give him advice,help him so i dont see what your problem is.