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Help a Beginner, Don't Know Where to Start

Hi there guys, im an overweight 30 year old. My daughter has pointed out im starting to get fat so having took a long hard look, shes right, and i have to do something about that.

I want to get stronger, and look like i lift/powerful. I dont really care for a super tight six pack or that peak on my bicep, im more interested in a thick well defined frame big traps, you know the real muscles. But i dont know where to start. I read this forum and theres so much conflicting advice going about. I dont mind working out 3 or 4 times a week. Could anybody point me in the right direction please?

Thank you.

You have posted a LOT of threads like this in the past and got advice from Jim Wendler and Thibs. What specifically are you lookiny for?

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if you want big traps barbell shrug , heavy with straps if necessary. You could try Olympic Weightlifting but it wouldn’t be necessary.

In his previous (near identical) questions he’s also listed his name as either John or Greg (an odd strategy considering he’s got john in his handle), and his age as 34 instead of 30. Doesn’t really matter, just weird.

OP: If you had picked a program at random in March when you first asked this question and followed it since then you’d be much further ahead than where you are now. From your other questions you already know of SS, 5/3/1 and CT’s stuff, so just pick something and do it.


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Haha, those are such abominations.[quote=“dt79, post:11, topic:222967”]
Seriously, have you not seen Unbreakable and Signs?

Both pretty meh, in my opinion. Unbreakable had potential but you waited the whole movie for one headlock. I get it wasn’t an action film, but still - pretty underwhelming. Signs started well but after the first little while Mel Gibson as a candy ass whiny little priest just got annoying.

Unbreakable was awesome

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But you could see the skill he has as a director, couldn’t you?

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I did quite enjoy The Visit in a so-bad-it’s-good kind of way

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You overthink… You talk about your trap and you don’t train… Stay “basic” at the beginning and build the strength foundation, check your diet. Traps come later.

3 times a week :

  • Day A : 3x8 Squat, 3x8 Bench, 3x8 Row, 3x8 Calves, 2x12 Face pull.
  • Day B : 3x8 Deadlift (ramping sets), 3x8 OHP, 3x8 Chinup, Forearm, Abs.
  • Week 1 : AxBxAxx, week 2 : BxAxBxx
  • Add slow cardio if you want, incline walking is good, I suggest you begin the walk with 0 degree and you add 1 every minute. Once you reach 10 degrees, stay few minutes and lower 1 by 1. It’s pyramidal.

That’s look simple because strength training is simple for beginners, you don’t need bro split, dozen of exercises to hit all fibers and this kind of bullshit. If you are serious with your diet, I guarantee that you see results with this training.

Have fun :wink: