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Help a 24 Year Old Jobless Bum Out

So I have essentially hit rock bottom (not quite but feels like it.) I’m a 24 yo who just got fired from his job and currently possess no special skill set. I currently have about 80 college credits. However I dropped out of college because of poor performance. I’m a failure and i’ve finally realized this.

Here’s my plan to get out of this

Get back into school and finish my tech degree. Work any job I can attain until I graduate. What major would you suggest? I’m thinking about IT, ISOM, or Computer Science (in that order)

Go overseas by yourself, get bartending or farm jobs to support your travel and try and find what you want out of life. Make a blog out of it for extra cash.

I personally haven’t done this but I have heard good things from people who have.

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Your plan looks fine.

If you want a tech job, have a think about what interests you about IT. Just keep in mind that you deal with lots of charlatans and if you are engineering you have a limited life to get into the management ranks - there are always exceptions but the doing is a young man’s game.

One career field that never experiences the effect of the economy seems to be the medical field. Have you thought about things like X-ray tech, LPN, dental, surgery tech, etc?

Plenty of schools that dont require the general knowledge stuff and focus on the career field and getting you graduated.

You’re a tech guy? If you had bought ethereum when I posted in your thread $100,000 to 1 million thread, you would have 50 million dollars now.


Dude cryptocurrency isn’t something I even considered. I’ve heard mixed things about which is why I couldn’t take the risk.

HUUUUUUUGE $50 million “I told you so!”

Being right is great!


Become a plumber - a career choice that is resitant to automation.

good route you have there
but as a back up just in case you don’t know what to do, i would recommend the coast guard.That’s my back up just in case i decide to give up on the medical school route. im currenlty a pre med student.

If my future children aren’t book smart then I’m going to try my best to encourage them to get into a trade skill that involves some sort of home maintenance, like plumbing/electrical/HVAC/etc.

Hard work? Yes, but nothing compared to landscaping or roofing. Not necessarily recession-proof, but guaranteed some money if you build up your skill-set and have good work ethics.

And it cannot be outsourced. You can’t have some fucking guy in Bangladesh remote login to your system or send you completed work when the work requires taking out pieces of metal and replacing them or some such.

why were you fired from your job?

What adjustments can you make to your personality, approach etc. that would prevent being fired for the same reason in the future?

Its not your typical position, but my brother is a plumber and does pretty well. He just bought another house without having to sell his first one (both in middle/upper middle neighborhoods) and by virtue of the benefits offered by his employer, has tuition guaranteed for himself and immediate family members at one of the better engineering universities in the US.

Granted, that is an exception, definitely not the rule.

Your performance was bad the last time you were in collage. I could tell you to be an electrical engineer. But are you one? You need the talent, desire and a lot of money. One guy already said be a plumber. If your math skills are good (college level), you are intelligent, mechanical, not afraid of work. That pays about $100,000 a year with world class benefits. To do that or any trade, you go to the local unions and apply for apprenticeships. And get a paid education. If you do not test high enough (waiting list) to be given an apprenticeship right away. Most trades have a lower paid labor position. Take one of those jobs, work hard get written referrals from the foreman and reapply for the apprenticeship. That moves you up the list. And you have a job the entire time that also has benefits.


I don’t want to say that you’ll make good money off of those kind of skills because you’d have to be a capable of running a business, and that’s not a skill that everyone possesses. I’ve heard of folks who made tons of money while being a handyman/plumber/painter/etc, but they also have insane work ethic.

But if you find yourself out of work while you’re a plumber and live in an area with decent pop. density, then I’d imagine you either made enemies of tons of people who would hire you or you’re lazy.

Both are on you.

Need to find a job that has high demand… Or be willing to move to find jobs.

First of all, everyone fails at some point in their life. That doesn’t make everyone a failure. So don’t consider yourself a failure. And count your blessings; it could be worse in many ways (My wife survived Pol Pot). There is always a reason to hope.

I’d say start off with a little bit of teaching yourself web development. All you really need is a computer, browser and text editor. If you don’t know HTML, learn that first. That’s relatively easy. Next, start picking up Javascript. There are many websites that can help. I like the w3schools website.

After getting going on your personal development, check out the job market. I prefer the Glassdoor website but there are tons of places that list jobs. Search through the job descriptions and see what skills they are looking for. Look for intern positions in particular. They may be willing to train.

Finally, take care of yourself. Examine your diet - can it be better? Are you staying active physically? Try for balance in your physical activity and give yourself a budget (1 or 2 hours per day). And be considerate of others. Try to understand what motivates other people (your parents, for instance). Normal people like us normally have good intentions.

Develop a plan by which you hope to achieve success. If that includes college, fine. Make small adjustments to the plan as needed but execute the plan. I’m in a similar position to you but I’m much older. I put in 3 job applications every week (on Monday) and spend most of my time learning by coding. I’m lifting, running and taking yoga.

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