Help 911 TRT Anger?

You will have to find your own optimal range for estrogen. You shouldn’t be using AI’s until you have exhausted dosing changes and frequency changes, like smaller more frequent doses which can lower estrogen significantly.

Your injecting once a week? And im assuming labs are on trough , yes?

If so, you have SOO much room to lower your dose, continuing taking the AI is not advisable.

Just lower your dose a little bro, you might just been at too high of a T level for you. Some guys learn the hard way that more isn’t always better when it comes to TRT.

Edit: Also splitting your shots into 2 shots a week will help with e2 conversion and keeping your peak down.

You should put the AI in the trashcan. Do yourself a favor.

These are powerful, personality-altering hormones we’re adjusting man, weird stuff happens.

Just to piggyback on what others (like alphagunner) are saying here, I’d drop the dose. Avoid the AI if you can as it will only complicate your treatment. You won’t know what symptoms are due to what drug. There were plenty of times I wanted to take an AI but just adjusted dose instead. After reading some of the AI horror stories on here I’m all set with those drugs.

Yes the labs are on the trough…I’ll give the lower dose a try but dam I’m not sure what’s going on then cause I legit feel like low T 3-4days after my injection…I’ve been on this same dose since January without these issues…I was thinking of goin 225-250…

Splitting the dose may help with my ups and downs…good call man

If you are having e2 issues, this will only make it worse. This is a very natural though process, “this much T makes me feel good, more will make me feel better”

Its not always the case.

With a lower dose, you wont have any e2 issues, and you can rule that out as a problem. I would do 150 split into 2 shots to start.

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You are taking once a week shots. Your peaking then bottoming out, Twice a week shots prevent this.

I think your right, I’ll split it and see how I feel. I appreciate everyone’s time…it’s nice to reach out and get some feed back and insight! :facepunch:

for sure man, good luck. The reason I was so harsh about the AI is because it has caused so many problems for lots of people on this board.

Myself personally, I kept my e2 low for a long time and it caused joint pain that didn’t subside for almost 2 years. Don’t waste your life man! Enjoy TRT Go lift some heavy shit bro. Im about to put some shit over my head.

:+1: I’m all about that

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When you get a chance, there’s a dude on here named Physiolojic Go check out his posts. GREAT stuff. There is on in the TRT forum called “for all you AI preachers” or something. Check it out

He is adamantly ANTI AI. He has the science to scare you off it too.

That’s a dosing frequency problem easily remedied by splitting up your shots. I state often that once weekly protocols are almost as bad as every 2 week protocols, levels will swing throughout the week on weekly injections.

I would stop the AI and focus of dosing and frequency to dial-in. You’ll feel better without drugs in your system.

Will do alpha thanks

Yes I think I’ll go to a Tuesday and Friday starting this Tuesday and see if that doesn’t rectify the problem

Everyone has made great points here. Taking time off T and coming back on T is in and of itself a mindf***. Add weekly injections with a large T spike peaking between 24-48 hours and rapidly declining by day 3-4 and androgen based mood influxes could be very likely to occur. Who knows how fast you’re metabolizing the Testosterone as well. 300mg might be to much, but I can’t really say. You could always try a lower dosage spread further out.

I’m injecting 70mgs twice a week but thinking about EOD 40mgs with a 27gauge to keep Estrogen under control and my levels steadier.

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You need to know where free t is at as well and not just total shbg and estrodial. If free t is super high you can lower dose and e2 at same time. Most guys here having these issues would of just taken an ai; dropped the dose or started micro dosing twice or three a week to try and manage my dose. You might also jsut need to take a chill pill to calm you down. Try some gaba relaxer . Your body is probably twitching like crazy with having t, off t, and back on t :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, definitely going to split up the dose. If that doesn’t help I’m going to dial it down for sure!