Help 911 TRT Anger?

I’ve been having anger issues like really short fuse. Is this likely the TRT or an estrogen issue? My estrogen was high at last test, started .5 anastrozole 1/2 of 1 mg pill a day after injection. 210 injection once a week…

Low or high estrogen can cause anger and short tempered mood swings. This forum currency are lab testing, without labs we can only guess as to the problems. The problem with taking an AI once weekly is the short half life of about 30-50 hours, so by weeks end estrogen can rebound causing an estrogen hormonal roller coaster.

I suspect your estrogen crashed now.

Lowering dose to control estrogen is the best. More t is not better.

I bet you that your free t is above range with 210 a week. Trt you need to stay within range or at least about mid range to upper range. Usually this way estradiol is well controlled


The AI doesn’t seem to change it. I’m at work but I have my labs in my truck I will grab them at lunch and post.

I still get morning wood like crazy! I thought one of the signs of killing E was no wood?

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I bet your labs will probably help determine what’s going on. Can you tell us when the anger issues started, how long you’ve felt this way, when the labs were drawn, how long you’ve been on T, what other supplements/hormones you might be taking and if these labs look much different from your other labs?

Estrogen could be low enough to cause mood problems and not necessary low enough to cause erection troubles. Low hormones affects everyone differently, some see erections take a hit first and then energy, we are all biochemically unique.

If you’re losing weight and the AI dosage hasn’t changed, then that might mean the losing weight may have decreased estrogen on it’s own, so now your estrogen is lower than when you started TRT.

You can get symptoms while the estrogen is moving up and down. How long on the ai?

And were you erection just as good without it. Also with the estrogen lower you may be feeling the high t more making you a monster. Lol

The only things I take are:
Creatine 5mg
5000u of D3
50mg zinc

These labs are 3/1/19 4wks ago and I told my Doc I was having some frustration/anger issues. This is when I started they AI along with these Labs.

Estradiol- 48.5
SHBG- 33.4
TSH- 1.510

I started back on TRT on 11/17…

My test started at 240… it took a good 5wks for the boys to shrink…Wood has always been strong👍… I was running about 300 per week in the past and felt great. I stopped for about 4months trying to rebound and decided to get a doc involved. I think it’s something I’m doing, I am on a cut about 650cals below but dam…maybe I need to lift heavier or something…I

No .5 mg after injection once a week…so only .5 a week…

The only time I have EVER been aggressive or angry on TRT was when my E2 went way too low, and I was high test, super low e2. I felt like a total asshole, and I couldn’t control it, at all. The tiniest thing would get me SO worked up.

Just watch your E2.

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What’s optimal 10,15 or just don’t get below 7.6? I know the range is 7.6-42 or something along those lines

What kind of anger are we talking about here?

The rage I was experiencing I had NEVER acted like that in my life…

When I’m high test, I wouldn’t say im “angry” but I am more aggressive, and I have to just be mindful of that.

Are you just a little pissed, or having full blown mood swings and outbursts?

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Optimal is where you feel good without symptoms. Its different for everyone. But its definitely not in the 10-15 range. More like 30+ range. On the non sensitive test, I have a E2 of 46.

I’d say quick escalation of impatients… I wouldn’t say mood swing. Just had a road rage issue today and an issue at work with something not going quick enough. It was enough for me to jump on here…

Not sure if this is helpful at all but I experienced this last Fall when I was adjusting to being on TRT after a long time off of it. A guy cut me off in a parking lot and I felt so angry I wanted to beat the life out of him. I actually went looking for him after I found a spot. Thank god I never found him. That level of anger scared me a lot. Didn’t last more than a couple of days though and I haven’t had it since.

Man I’m hoping for that Jpt! Maybe I’ll lay off the AI after next injection…I still haven’t been able to make it thru a week of not feeling sluggish…

You are asking for trouble man.

How do you mean? I shouldn’t lay off the AI?