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Help, 9-Months Unimpressive Progress (17 Y/O)


Hi guys i ve been weight lifting now for 9 months i started at 55kg now i m at 63 kg , height 175cm.
I ve tried strenght training using 5*5 or 4 sets of 6-8 reps ,tried 10-12 reps none of it seems to get me some good results .
I ve certainly made progress but some body parts are really lagging especialy my chest.

(15 years old me)
For nutrition i m eating home made meals 3 per day with all macro nutrients like eggs ,oats,chicken breast…etc but i dont think i m eating enough calories.
My routine is push pull legs 3 days a week wich i would like to change but don t know a better option.
NOTE:I DON T USE ANY KINDS OF SUPPS (since they are a bit expensive in my country so i would like to now if that s what s halting my progress)
I would appreciate any kind of advise


With this alone I would say you made great progress. Nearly 1kg gain per month and not any noticeable amount of body fat added to your frame. I’m going to assume your strength has increased over this period of time as well?

I agree with you. I think you could probably consume more calories in your diet to help add mass but before I go suggesting what to eat/how to train, do you know how many calories you have been consuming? What program specifically have you followed and how long on each of them? What are your current lifts? (Bench, squat, deadlift, overhead press)

This additional information should help get some good answers from experienced members on here.


Understand supplements are for filling in possible gaps in ones nutrition
Dont worry about it! I know for a fact this 19 year kid in this picture did not use any… the kid might not be great but at least slightly above average for not being on anything.

Kid you have made great progress in two years ! Your only 17 and are just starting to grow you keep at it and you will be amazed at the changes you will see in a matter of no time


It looks like you made progress man. But, it sounds like your a program hopper. Try sticking to program a little longer, especially if your adding weight/reps.


Do this routine…

(3 days a week or one day on, one day off )


You’re doing fine! I’m larger than the average guy but not muscular like a bodybuilder. I was 6’2" at age 15 age 6’5" by 18. I recall weighing 185lbs at the beginning of 10th grade. I was up to 204lbs at the end of 11th grade. I gained slightly less than 20lbs in about 20 months. I returned to school 3.5 months later to start 12th grade at 220lbs!

The point is that I ate a lot and lifted for years but didn’t feel like I was getting anywhere. I kept at it and things really came together the summer before 12th grade. I think I finally hit puberty full blast and had lots of testosterone in me and by the grace of God I was killing myself in the weight room. From May-mid July I went from 204 to 212. Took a week off while I was out of town and dropped to 208. A week after returning to my routine I was 218 and kept climbing to 222 during the start of football.

Keep working. One day you’ll look in the mirror and suddenly realize you’ve grown.


Well i had mediocre strenght at first i was struggling with the empty bar(btw i don t think that my gym have olympics bar cause it seems to light )
My current records:
Bench press:45kg for 3 reps not counting the bar
Squat:65kg for 5 reps
Overheard press:20kg 3 reps also
Deadlift:i haven t gone too heavy cause my form is still kind of meh and i don t want to injure my self but i m doing rdl s and did 60kg for some 2 reps
As for calories i haven t been counting cause i don t weight my food and stuff but if would take a rough guess it would be between 1500-2000 cause i basicaly skip breakfast(a cup of tea and 1/2 piece of whole bread with some honey) lunch it depends like sometimes it is meat with some veggies or beans ,steaks … Etc last meal i mostly have a bowl of oats with milk


I ve been training for only 9 months :slight_smile: that pic is just to show from what i started but thanks for the advice i appreciate it


Thanks for the motivation i was really upset about my progress


Hahaha yeah you got.me there i was trying a new programme or variations after 2 weeks


Where are you from?
-for 17 with that shape in the pic I would say you have slightly above average genetics actually


I m from a country in north africa called morroco not so famous so…


I actually think you have made some good progress. Keep it up brolio :slight_smile:


You just had to post it here.
Good progress tho


Dude,don’t be so hard on yourself,your progress is fine

That being said,congrats on looking for a better way to train


I don’t think it’s unimpressive, building muscle is a slow process, keep it up year on year and make sure your eating enough and training smart.

Good luck.


Thanks and sorry i posted but i have no clue how to post my own article i
cant find where to do it…


I think your best bet is trying to build a base

(all weights include the barbell weight)
100 kg bench
140 kg squat
3-5 chin ups with a 20 kg plate
80 kg barbell row for 8 reps
60 kg overhead press
are a good place to start.Aquire those and you’ll have a lot more mass than you do

Now,how do you get all that stronger
1.You eat,a lot
2.You follow a well structured routine,based around those lifts, for 6 months at least
The question here is,how do you like training?
Look at 531,5x5,Dan John’s routine that was posted above,westside for skinny bastards(these are all that come to mind),pick one you like,post here so we can help you with your programming and let the gains begin


You’re not going to be Ronnie Coleman or Ray Williams in nine months. Train wise, eat big, sleep well and just enjoy the process otherwise you’re doing it for the wrong reasons


Thanks!! Now that the training is explained(basically i have to get a base of strenght)
The only problem now is nutrition since i don t have a lot of variety like imagine the biggest supermarket in my city have only some fake ass peanut butter that doesn t have even one gram of protein but i eat normal peanut so no prob
I would be so gratefull if someone suggest me a specific diet with simple things like eggs and caned tuna and stuff