Help 1st Cycle Trouble

First cycle. Just finished second week of 100 mg of prop every other day and 200mg of enan every 4 days (mixed together in the same shot). I’ve been shooting in the glutes only. Pain has been not bad at all. Usually I have a small welt or swollen spot for a day or 2, a little soreness, and it feels kind of hot. However, for the last couple of days I’ve had a rash on both sides and it itches like hell and my ass is starting to look pretty beat up.

Is every 4 days per side excessive? Is 1 inch ok for the glutes because that is all my source provided (I thought I would have got 1.5 inch, could this be a problem)? Anything else I can do other than inject slowly, and massage it after? Would iceing my ass help? Should I heat the test up before shooting it? Why the rash and itching now? Any help would be appreciated.

If all your doing is alternating between one glute and the other then no that is not enough time for site recovery. use your glutes for your 2cc shots thts it on the other days that you are just shooting the prop use your delts or your quads. And i would also use a 1.5 inch on your glutes it may be the reason the site is swelling

OK I’m gonna give those glutes a rest and do the next 2 in the quads (if this interferes with squats I’ll go to delts). I’ll also try warming the test up prior to shooting.

Bushy, I’m assuming that’s your back in the avatar and while the picture is small I’m trying to compare my bf% to yours… I think i’ll get some 1.5 inch pins.

draw with an 18 or 20 gauge then switch the pin back to 23 or 25 (whatever you are using) to shoot,heat up the syringe in a heating pad prior to injection, inject sllooowwwwwlllyy, try not to move the pin around while injecting, keep steady pressure on the plunger, massage the area thoroughly after injection, follow proper sterilization protocols, try to remain relaxed and breathe during, inject deep into the muscle…thats all i can think of injection wise.

i prefer 1 1/2" for glutes…1 inch works fine, but i get some irritation if the volume is larger (ie. 2ml +) using 1" in the glute. 25 gauge 1 inchers will do just fine for quads and delts if you choose to do them.

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J/k - I would say my bf there was between 8-9%. I can’t be more accurate than that as my monitor is broke and claimed that I was at 18.7%. Hmmmmm.