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Help: 18 Almost 19 and Never had a Girlfriend or Even Kissed a Girl


what’s the matter? Don’t you like that meseeks is imagining you as a lesbian and jerking off to you?


The main reason I pose a secksay lesbian on other message boards … the power is intoxicating


you’re… not a sexy lesbian?


Sexy. Yes. Lesbian. No. Surprise!!


Yeah to put it mildly I’m thoroughly creeped out. Oh well. Guess it’s my own fault for not maintaining a presence the last few years, and stepping outside the pharma forum.


Does your wife know you’re an undercover brotha?


No. And due to recent developments within her body, she’s very, very confused about what she thought was basic biology


And drive a Tesla.


LOL We all lost our profile pics when they did the big change over. You had to reload that pic. I wish I still had the Unicron pic.




Umm, thanks – a lot.


Oh my god that was beautiful.

Brought a little tear to my eye.