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Help: 18 Almost 19 and Never Had a Girlfriend or Even Kissed a Girl


more or less accurate.


I’ve got short hair but dyed my hair purple tonight. Not been out yet, though. Can’t wait to go out tomorrow


Holy shit I can’t help but imagine you two together. That profile pic!! Have you always been attracted to women?


Part of me hopes women are all over you.
Part of me hopes people just look at you strangely
Part of me hopes men are all over you.

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I’m confused here. Have I always been attracted to women? Pretty sure I said I went through a long line of them before settling down. The profile pic is as old as my member status here, like 15 years, I’ve just never felt the need to change it.


can i have some tips for talking to girls at the gym because there are a few girls at my gym that have nice bodies but idk if it would be weird or something because I think they are atleast 21/22


and i would not even know where to start with regards to what to say


Don’t do it.


I love tv shows about freaks. Fat freaks, sex freaks, deformed freaks, give me all that shit, man, I fucking love it. I watched a show about porn freaks once and apparently it’s the case that teenage boys have a super high rate of impotence now, as they’re jerking off constantly to these slamming hot porn chicks getting railed all kinds of ways, so that when they get close to the chubby, awkward,average-looking chicks they go to school with or whatever, they can’t get aroused enough by it to get it up.

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A this point it’s safe to assume you’re kinda weird and have zero game. It’s hard enough to chat to girls at the gym without looking like a creep even if you’re not a creep, so I would just leave it alone if I were you.

Save it for social situations where it’s not creepy to approach someone. Go to a party or two.


Oh well that’s alright than, coz I usually watch porn with ugly chicks in it. I’m really not a fan of the full on choreographed, fake tit, 15Min blowy, close-up-I-can-see-what-you-had-for-breakfast type scenes.

That’s a relief!


it sucks because she is perfect… buitiful face and broad strong sholders with decent size arms


You really do ask for it hey…


just find it attractive man i cannot lie

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Is it quite common for gay girls to sleep around a bit before settling down?

Ah ok about your photo, I don’t blame you not changing it, you were smoking!


LOL Have you just found out about the internet today?

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Juice is a bloke, you know that right?


Oh my fucking god this is tears

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I highly regret having said a fucking thing here.


Why? This has been gold Juice, GOLD!!

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